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Wally Ballout
Oct 15, 2019
Your Questions Answered: The NBN
Your Questions Answered: The NBN


Wally is  part of the nbn local Community Affairs team in Melbourne.

He writes:   'My role is to meet with local community and residential groups to help educate them about nbn and what it means for them. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure the community has all the necessary information during the rollout of the nbn network and have the ability and a forum to ask any questions and troubleshoot any problems you might have.

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A that covers some critical areas such as: • What is nbn • What it means for the members and how to connect • How the nbn affects your existing landline phone and medical alarms • Power outages • Scams to be wary of.

*Just to clarify, this service is purely for the benefit for the members. We are not here to sell anything as the nbn is the wholesaler (not a phone or internet provider). ' *

Chair:  Andrew Crockett

Visit Of The District Governor, District 9800
Oct 22, 2019
Rotary: Looking Into The Future
Father Joe Giacobbe
Oct 29, 2019
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Melbourne Cup Day
Nov 05, 2019
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K.R Ravindran (Ravi)
Nov 13, 2019
Rotary Foundation Dinner **NOTE CHANGE OF DATE
Scott Bolton
Nov 19, 2019
2018 Global Scholar Recipient
Seda Douglas
Nov 26, 2019 AGM
Professor Franz Konstantin Fuss
Dec 03, 2019
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Katrina Flinn
Dec 10, 2019
My Trip To Baguia, Timor....Plus An Update: Other International Projects
Christmas Party
Dec 17, 2019
Dinner Meeting, Having Fun
Jan 28, 2020
TBC.......Visit to Men's Shed, Hawthorn
Feb 04, 2020


I am pleased to share the following status of the Rotary-Swinburne mentoring program.
    - To date three formal and one end of semester mentoring sessions have successfully been conducted for 15 mature foreign students, many of them having tertiary qualifications form overseas. They are attending Swinburne courses to improve their English with aim to be accepted for other tertiary studies, gain professional employment and/or start a business in Australia.
    - The students come from a variety of countries and circumstances and have quite different outlook, ambitions and vocational perspectives.
    - 5 Rotarians ( Anne Scott, Di Gilles, Ian Bentley, Michael Hills, myself ) + two community representatives ( Andreas Sederof - Architect/Engineer/small businessman and Colin Hackett - Industrial Chemist/Businessman) have been the mentors.
    - The last session took place this Tuesday with a celebration where the students where responsible for the organisation; including the catering which was superbly representing many different culinary favorites and much enjoyed by everyone. 
    - The feedback at present is encouraging from the students, mentors and the Swinburne teachers. All seeing value in the mentoring continuing.
    - The students and teachers now have a two week break and the plan is then to have a series of discussions to explore and recommend how we in  collaboration can transform the pilot into a longer term and perhaps an extension in scope and number of students and Rotarians. 
    - Considering the unique profile of  Rotarians and their basic belief in the value of youth support its my conviction there is a natural value proposition which can and ought to be realised through an initial commitment by a few Rotary clubs.  
A group of twenty-eight Rotarians and partners spent the weekend representing the Rotary Club of Hawthorn (and don’t forget Glenferrie and Endeavour Hills!) on a club visit to the Rotary Club of Nhill. This was a follow-up to Nhill Rotarian John Millington’s talk to the club, when he told us about the Karen Community in Nhill.
The town of Nhill is now home to 200 Karen refugees from Myanmar. Far from dividing locals, the huge influx of newcomers – many of whom arrived traumatised, unfamiliar with western society – has brought new life to the community.
What an extraordinary couple John and Margaret Millington are: for those who missed John’s talk, the story is beautifully told as “The Karen road to Nhill”:
The Rotary Club of Nhill proved to be wonderful hosts, bussing us from venue to venue, showing us the various interesting sites, and feeding us frequently.  
After morning coffee in Beaufort and lunch in Horsham, the group had barely time to settle in at the Zero Inn at Nhill before being taken to the Paw Po Centre, one of the previously closed up shops in the main street. It is now full of chatter as the women weave, sew and work their way through the complexities of erecting Ikea flat packs. They have called the business Paw Po, meaning “little flower” in Karen. The window is full of handmade products using traditional fabrics. There are cushions, oven gloves, mats and little rope baskets. They also produce beautiful flower arrangements. Several members bought souvenirs and gifts to take home. 
Those who missed out on the trip can still buy their products by visiting the Paw Po website:
Then on to Nhill Aerodrome, which had been a refuelling stop-over on early flights between Adelaide and Melbourne, and a training facility during World War 11. It was difficult to imagine the bare paddocks with 2,000 troops stationed there. We received an interesting talk in The Nhill Aviation Heritage Centre , which is home to four aircraft; an  Avro Anson (almost completely rebuilt), a fully rebuilt Wirraway, a flying Tiger Moth and an operating Link Trainer (flight simulator).  Their website is also worth a visit:
Adjacent to the Aerodrome is the Ambulance Patient Transfer Station, the first in Victoria, which was designed and built by Rotarians. Patients have a safe controlled atmosphere while waiting to be transferred to and from air and land ambulances.  Another fine Rotary and Community story: 
We passed The Luv-a-Duck Farm on the way to The Community Garden, where we heard how the Karen people have developed their own food production, with considerable assistance from The Luv-a-Duck Farm in the form of duck manure.
After a short break, we were driven to Nhill Lake for pre-dinner drinks and to meet more Nhill Rotarians, and then (after a brief stop at the IGA  to purchase essential supplies) to St Partick’s for dinner and entertainment.  
The dancers were skilled and enthralling, and the audience showed their apprecition of the time and effort they had put in for their performance.  We also heard from a RYLA attendee, and a student who hopes to go the the National Youth Science Forum, before studying medicine as a career. 
But it wouldn’t be Rotary without a raffle, and those on a certain table are sure to be fined heavily at the next Sergeant’s session.
The following morning we were picked up at 8.15 am for  a walk on the boardwalk on the swamp, before breakfast on the lake. Once again Nhill Rotarians produced the goods: bacon and egg for brekkie!
Then on to church, where the service was enchanting with a strong Karen culture to it.
After a few more sights around town, to Olivers Café for lunch:  Olivers is essentially a community house but also an interesting concept as it provides training for the locals in hospitality. CEO Annette Creek told us the story of the rebirth of Olivers as a “Social Enterprise“ and her other programs with the Karen community.
Before we finally hit the road for home, tired but happy, President Ian Bentley acknowledged the work of Noel Halford and John Millington in making the visit such an enjoyable event. 
Photos from the weekend are at:
The new RecLink Footy season is about to start, and our Salvo Hawks team will play just four home games:
  • Wednesday 1 May
  • Wednesday 29 May
  • Wednesday 7 August
  • Wednesday 21 August
  • Approx 12noon – 2.15pm
Rotary Hawthorn has undertaken to provide
  • a significant support group (members, friends, spouses etc); and
  • an operator of the electronic scoreboard; and
  • pizzas after the game is over
at each of these home games.
  • write these dates into your diary now; and
  • prioritize the Salvo Hawks over your normal Wednesday activity on at least one game this season – even if it’s only for 30 minutes.
  1. The Supporting Salvo Hawks project is about friendship: we simply want to provide friendship with the personnel of the Salvo Hawks footy team. We do this by wearing Rotary gear (such as hi—viz vests) and hanging around and chatting.
  2. Home ground is Victoria Reserve, Victoria Rd, Hawthorn (Mel 45G10) – opposite Auburn Station. 
  3. I look forward to seeing each of you there during the season!
Charlotte England reports on a really fun afternoon at Ivanhoe Golf Course, with Rotarians and friends enjoying the fresh air and exercise, followed by refreshments in the 19thHole. A reported $1,475 was raised for club-supported charities. 
Sixty-five players competed, and the prize winners were: Peter Howe, Sarah Shan, Ruth Tenance and Ros Davitt. (see photo)
As for the others: don’t they look like they are enjoying the event?
Chef De Cuisine Jeffrey Tan is especially well-known as a Guest Celebrity Chef in Asia and Australia. He is an Executive Chef Member of Les Toques Blanches, and has cooked for world famous Chefs and Royalties.
He came to Australia in 1981, and noted the evolution of culture driving the evoultion of the cuisine: his food can be described as International cuisine with an exotic Asian twist and showcases fresh local produce.
Jeffrey heads IPF Culinary Consultancy Services, a Cooking for Charity Initiative. He started this initiative in 2006 and has raised over $4.3 million for various charities including Australian Rotary Foundation Trust, Prostate Cancer of Victoria, Variety Club of Victoria, Spastic Children Centre of Malaysia, Dementia Australia, The Otis Foundation, Tibetan Disaster Relief Fund and the Manan Foundation of Indonesia.
He is internationally recognised as a master-blender of cuisines. His culinary creation has been described as a blend of new and traditional cooking techniques, fresh ingredients and simplicity in its creation and presentation. 

Jeffrey believes that the most important ingredient in any culinary creation is quality. He selects only the finest premium Australian products for his gourmet meals. 
He described how he is booked a year ahead for banquets and private culinary events, raising money for The Rotary Foundation, Dementia Australia and the Otis Foundtion. His book, “Cooking for Charity”  was produced by the Rotary Club of Manningham, and all profits go to these charities. It can be obtained from the website:
Tony and Robyn Stokes of Box Hill Central Rotary Club gave an interesting dissertation on modern slavery, and the activities of The Rotary Action Group Against Slavery.
Tony started by describing different forms of slavery, as some form of forced labour, unpaid work with debt that the worker is unable to escape from, perhaps without a full understanding of the debt and its implications, often with the debt being passed to the next generation.  He described North Korea with 1 in 12 workers in state imposed forced labour, Uzbekistan cotton pickers, “domestic servants” in embassies, in the electronic and clothing industries.  He bracketed forced marriages with workers in the sex industry, and described how orphanages were tied into these. 
He described 40.3 million people in some form of bondage, three quarters of them female, and including 10 million childeren. Half of these are in SE Asia, with up to 15,000 in Australia.
Robyn Stokes went on to describe some RAGAS Programs to raise awareness of slavery, and how kidnapping and rape were used to control the slaves. A program “Creating better futures” for children in the Karen villages of Myanmar is introducing training to protect children.
The Rotary Action Group Against Slavery supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal to eradicate forced labour,  modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour by 2030. 
More about RAGAS at 
Watch “A21 Can You See Me - Sex Trafficking”on Vimeo: 
And for the latest End Slavery Newsletter (there is a subscribe button at the end of the newsletter)[UNIQID]
Our assignment was to represent RI President Ian Riseley and Juliet at the District 3190 Conference.
At the District's suggestion we asked for, and received, approval to visit the District before the Conference, which after all was on a ship cruising out of Singapore. This entailed travel to Singapore (with Qantas) and then by Jet Airways to Bangalore (now called Bangaluru). The locals refer to it as Pensioners' Paradise but these days it is a thriving IT centre and the pensioners are probably being edged out. Unlike our stereotypical view of India, Bangaluru is green and relatively clean. It has its share of fine buildings and temples and, as we found out, some amazing Rotary projects.
Photos: Lynda and Dennis with a bust of Paul Harris, and with DG Asha Kumar and Prasanna.
The plane arrived behind schedule (apparently normal for Jet Airways) and late in the evening. The Airport was relatively modern and large (said to be the largest international airport in India).
Despite the late hour we expected our Aides to be there but so was the DG and partner and several others. We were immediately draped in large floral leis and whisked off to our hotel, the Shangri-La, where we had a lovely corner room. It was not quite to bed for us as we had to mix for a while in a get to know you session.
Getting into the hotel is not like at home, with strict security, vehicle barriers and careful inspection but we were pleased to know that we were secure.
Our plan for our stay was to visit a lot of Rotary projects and go to the DG's home town of Tumkur to see more projects. The plan was immediately abandoned due to a strike and concerns that it could get really ugly so we were confined to the hotel until mid-afternoon. Fortunately there was a Palace nearby (home to a Rajah in years gone by), which we could reach without too much exposure to the possible mobs. These days it mainly hosts lavish weddings where there may be several thousand guests. We were taken around on a private tour and enjoyed our release from hotel detention.
It was then time to hit the road to visit some local projects, which totally changed any preconceptions we may have had. These were magnificent examples of the great work that Rotary can do. The loss of most of the day meant that we did not spend as much time as we might have visiting the projects, but the traffic was modest, which still allowed us to make respectful visits.
Whatever views we may have had of Rotary in India, certainly for D3190 we came away inspired and motivated by the scale and scope of the amazing work that they do.
Due to the impact of the strike our first official function was to be the Council of Governors dinner held in our honour. They have some seriously amazing PDG's.
Before the dinner we had a quick look at a few landmarks along the way, followed by a visit to the hospice and after the dinner a late trip to the Blood Bank.
The Blood Bank was an interesting visit where we learned that it represented not just a triumph of fund raising, but also overcame a significant cultural impediment. In fact the District has gone onto achieve the Guinness record for most blood collected in a day.
There is now also a tissue matching lab and we got to meet visiting experts from Boston who have been coming for years to assist.
The next day after our visit to the DG in Tumkur we had the opportunity to visit what is locally called the Nephrology Centre where the poor and needy have access to life-saving renal dialysis.
PP Katrina Flinn introduced Judy Carruthers of Brighton North Rotary Club, who told us about Women in Rotary’s International Women’s Day Breakfast at the Palladium on Thursday 7thMarch.
“Let’s work together, celebrating difference” is their motto. Judy promised us an exciting bacon-and-egg breakfast, and interesting soeakers: e.g. Josh Bornstein who is a Director of Maurice Blackburn and the National Practice Leader of both its Social Justice Group and its Employment and Industrial Relations Group, and Kristen Hilton who was appointed as Victoria’s Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commissioner in 2016.
A gender balanced world is now expected. Everyone has a part to play- all the time, everywhere. Join us to celebrate the achievements and be reminded of its absence. Take away ideas to help create more balance. Start the day at the Palladium for a scrumptious breakfast, network with clients and colleagues and hear from those who lead the way on gender balance and equity in Australia.
Judy invited us to attend this great event, and to please invite non Rotarians and family members.
 The cost is $80 per person.  If members would like to attend on the Rotary Hawthorn table, just make this notation when booking Online

We meet weekly for lunch every Tuesday at 1:00pm

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club
489 Glenferrie Road, Kooyong
 $36 including lunch.
 We meet monthly for a light dinner on the third Wednesday of the month at 7pm
Grace Park Hawthorn Club
6 Hilda Crescent, Hawthorn
Join Rotary


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Enjoy the friendship, and the opportunity to give meaningful service to local and international communities, all in the sociable company of other respected community, professional and business leaders. Learn more.

Email: Charlotte England

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