Posted by Katrina Flinn
Our project is the provision of hospital beds and medical equipment to assist with the setting up a new surgical wing at Kampong Spue Referral Hospital situated in a regional town of Kampong Spue. Cambodia.


Cambodia is one of the world’s poorest countries and their hospitals have very little equipment, often not even beds and Kampong Spue is one of the poorest provinces in Cambodia. The area has a lot of road trauma as it is situated on the busy road between the capital of Cambodia, Phom Penh and the sea port of Sihanoukville.

Rotary Hawthorn International Service director Peter Lugg has been volunteering in Cambodia for many years. Peter and his orthopaedic surgeon colleague Dr Meng Sok had identified the need for a trauma ward in Kampong Spue Provincial Hospital some years ago.  

Orthopaedic surgeon Tim Keenan who is an Associate Member of RC of Osborne Park, WA, was able to  source charitable funds sufficient to cover all cost of  design and construction of the new hospital ward which within the grounds of the existing hospital to modern standards. The senior staff of the hospital have been involved from the beginning in the design of the building and also advising of what equipment is required.

Our club members in particular Peter Lugg and Julie Collette have been actively involved in identifying and sourcing suitable items including hospital beds,  image intensifiers and anaesthetic machines and supplies to supplement the equipment that has been sourced in WA by RC Osborne Park. The equipment has been sourced from hospital donations with assistance from Donations in Kind with input from the medical staff at the hospital at Kampong Spue. All the equipment/medical items have been donated being surplus to requirements (rather than purchased) from hospitals in Melbourne.

Club members and Rotarians that volunteer at DIK including both Peter Lugg and Gordon Cheyne (in the photos) have recently packed the container at DIK ready for shipment. 

We are also pleased to advise that our Club has been successful in obtaining a Grant from The Rotary Foundation in support of the project as well as financial support from World of Difference. The involvement of Donations in Kind as well as contributions by Rotary Club of Osborne Park has been critical to the project’s success. 


What a team effort! A wonderful example of Together We Can Achieve More!

We look forward to the news as to the arrival of the container of hospital beds and medical equipment at the hospital.


Katrina Flinn is on the International Service Committee

She reports on behalf of Peter Lugg, International Service, Director, and is seen here with Julie Collette.