Posted on Mar 20, 2018
Last speaker was Paul Devereux CFO at the new and growing international organization SmartMesh.
Paul set the scene of the thrust of this company by presenting the simple statistic that over the past several decades, start up businesses predicated on the venture capital model and subsequent growth have had a success/survival rate of only 14%!
Why?  Various reasons according to Paul but broadly categorized under tags such as executional failure, lack of transparency and poor liquidity.
There are many examples where validated ideas have just not brought "fruit" in getting to that stage of a sustainable mature business.
Whereas the systems on which SmartMesh prospers could only be described in general terms Paul brought the audience right up with their impacts with his example about the prospects for different transport methods in say even 10 years.  His question was "why have an asset which is not utlised 80%+ of the time--(the householder car)".  One extrapolation of this fact and technology advances raises a concept that electric car and vehicle sharing will likely proliferate in the future.  This means many new businesses starting off.
SmartMesh is targeting to help entrepreneurs in all and any future field, perhaps some transport focused ones like the latter example implies, develop by offering its expert advice, technology and services.