Oct 07, 2022
Gareth Andrews
Life Again Foundation: No Change Without Understanding

Gareth Andrews is a former Geelong and Richmond footballer who appears to have led a fortunate life.

He had a successful VFL/AFL playing career for 11 years, including a Premiership with Richmond in 1974. His life in the AFL has continued to this year-52 years-having been CEO for Richmond in the late 1970’s, ABC radio and television commentator for a decade, including a time hosting the National TV Show the Winners in 1986, journalist for The Age for another 10 years, Vice-President of the Geelong Cats alongside Frank Costa and Colin Carter for 15 years during which time the Club has become one of the success stories of Australian sport, both on and off the field, including 3 Premierships.

He is a joint-founder of the AFL Players Association. He is a Trustee of both the Cats and the AFLPA.

Beyond football, he has had a happy and fulfilling marriage and family life, run a series of successful businesses, travelled extensively around the world.

But like most men, there have been many challenges which have tested him. His marriage ended, he has almost gone broke, he has been depressed and suffered extreme anxiety.

He has searched for more. He is living proof of Thoreau’s famous quote that: 'most men lead lives of quiet desperation'.

Five years ago, he recognised that he wasn’t alone in the forest. His search has taken him to interesting places - counselling, meditation, medication, massive amounts of reading, desert retreats, ashrams, mountain tops, homeless kitchens and new affairs of the heart.

In 2012, Gareth established Life Again, a registered Not for Profit charity that educates and helps men to change and lead more fulfilling and purposeful lives. Through writing, public speaking, taking men to the Outback and working with Aboriginals, workshops and personally challenging men, he asks the powerful question, 'Have You Done Your Best Work Yet?' The answers will surprise. He is a story-teller at heart and is with us today to tell his story.