By ZOOM,  A Unique Species!
May 28, 2024
Jacinda Goodwin
By ZOOM, A Unique Species!

The Werribee Open Range Zoo, of over 200 hectares, is tucked away just outside Melbourne and offers a fascinating voyage into the animal world.  Zoos Victoria properties include Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary, Kyabram Fauna Park and Werribee Zoo. 

Jacinda assists in overseeing the whole natives team working with a variety of native Australian species, including - Tammar wallabies, koalas, orange bellied parrots, kangaroos, emus, tortoises and some reptiles.

She is is part of a team at Werribee Open Range Zoo that does incredible work with a very endangered species: the final remaining members of a genetic line that traces its origins to around 100 million years ago, when Australia was joined to Antarctica and South America.


M.C.: Pam Crockett


Photo Credit: Aris Cologon via Unsplash