Posted by Gordon Cheyne on Mar 10, 2020

Rotary Public Image Coordinator PDG Gina Growden held a Rotary Public Image WEBINAR last Thursday.

This webinar was open to all Rotarians, not just the Club Public Image team members. The webinar focussed on Branding, using templates in the Brand Centre, and creating personalised logos.


There were some interesting tips, and I learnt quite a lot.


For instance: We MUST use the word “club” in our logo.  It is in the Rotary guidelines, and we are a club, after all. 

But didn’t we agree that “Hawthorn Rotary” sounded much clipper than “The Rotary Club of Hawthorn” a few years ago?

Don’t worry, it’s no big deal. We wouldn’t be excommunicated or rusticated if we didn’t conform.


You can still catch up on the Webinar at


Aren't they lovely logos?