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Why you’ll struggle to see a doctor in the next six weeks 

If you’re wondering why you can’t get your hip or knee replaced, or perhaps a gastric band installed or some other type of elective surgery in the next six weeks, Macquarie Bank has the answer: the Rugby World Cup.

While it sounds trivial, analysts at the ‘millionaires factory’ have crunched the numbers and found private health claims dip every four years when the tournament is held.

Why? Maybe the answer is in the old club or school tie your surgeon of choice wears, but when the world cup takes off, so do they.

“There is an uncanny correlation between the Rugby World Cup and lower private health insurance claims volumes as surgeons take leave,” Macquarie analysts said in a note to investors.

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The Bookworms

What an amazing guy Hans Rosling must have been. The Bookworms chewed through his book “Factfulness” on Monday, and noted that Hans not only had dyslexia and cirrhosis of the liver, but was hurrying to complete the book with his son Ola and daughter-in-law Anna Rosling Rönnlund before he died of pancreatic cancer. Special thanks to Ian Bentley for his report in this issue. 

Even if you’re not a bookworm, have a peek at some of Hans' informative Ted Talks: 

Or Anna Rosling Rönnlund at





A Wedding Wish

Mark Christoffelsz and Ashleigh tied the knot on 19th May.

Here's a happy snap: we don't get many wedding photos in this club  ;-(

May their happiness last forever. Congratulations!