Lille Fro is an Australian charity founded in 2008 by Tamara Cannon. 
On one climbing trip in the north of India, Tamara met a little girl living in destitute circumstances. Like many children in her village, this child had never been to school. Tamara decided to pay for her education.
Seeing first hand the difference she had made to this child's life through the simple gesture of sponsorship, Tamara realised she could not turn her back on other children in similar circumstances. The seed had been planted and Lille Fro had begun.
The Himalayan region of Ladakh in northern India is one of the most spectacular and remote regions on the planet. At 11,500 feet, it is also one of the highest and driest habitable places on earth.  Isolation has preserved a unique culture. It has also meant remote communities sometimes lack access to basic needs such as education and health care.
In the mountain villages of Ladakh the delivery of education is still a challenge, due to geography, remoteness and harsh climate.
For half the year, many villages are cut off by long freezing winters. Hunger and malnutrition are a constant challenge. As the growing season lasts only 4 months, low-income families have a poor diet and insufficient food to last them through the winters. What food they do have often lacks the nutrients required to be healthy.
This is where Lille Fro works.
Richard Logan is Project Manager for the Rotary (Australia) World Community Service Program, facilitating transactions to support the Lille Fro Foundation in  North India, which was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Hawthorn several years ago. The project description is "Providing sponsorship for children's education and support through Lille Fro Foundation. Creation of jobs, food supplies and empowering women in Jammu-Kashmir State, India."
Rotary Hawthorn is proud to be a supporting partner of Lille Fro’s wonderful projects.
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