The Club fundraising via Sergeants sessions has been going so well that we decided (President’s choice) to donate an amount to her favourite speaker with a cause.  

 President Charlotte decided to donate the funds towards Darrel Steer’s Cambodia Clean Water and Toilet Project.

The attached email from Darrel details what the funds have been used for.



G’day Katrina,

Here are the photos of the Septic Tank Toilet that we installed from the funds that your Rotary Club donated. 

Rotary Club Hawthorn’s contribution to this installation has helped another family have a sanitary toilet.

I am very grateful for this support.

The photos below tell the story.

Best wishes

Darrel Steer


Initially we discussed the family’s situation and then ‘site’ where the toilet should be installed.  


1  This is Voeun (left)  She is a widow as her husband died last year. She now lives on her own but has children nearby.  Voeun is standing on the spot where we will dig in the first concrete tank.  






 2  3   The digging is done manually.  The pipes are positioned, and the concrete foundations for the structure are put in place.  




4  Seven rows of bricks are laid on the foundations to provide a base for the structure so that it can be used as a wash room. 

5  The concrete floor is poured and the brickwork rendered.  

6 The grab rail in front of the squat toilet is a major aid for the elderly and for land mine survivors who have lost a leg.  



7 Laminated posters on the toilet wall reinforce ‘hand washing and personal hygiene’ as well as the ‘Dangers of Burning Plastics’.  




8 +  The finished installation.