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A youthful outlook isn’t the only key to rejuvenating Rotary, but it’s a start.
For Rotary International President-elect Holger Knaack, the opportunities are endless. 


“Growing Rotary, and especially growing with young members, will definitely be one of my goals,” he said. “Because if we lose contact with the younger generation” — he lifted his hands and shrugged — “we are outdated.” 


He had quoted Paul Harris: “If Rotary is to realise its proper destiny, it must be evolutionary at times, revolutionary on occasions.” He then offered his own take on that thought: “To be prepared for the future, Rotary must continue to be revolutionary and must believe in the power of youth.” 

Some people have said I don’t look presidential enough. But that’s OK. It’s about leadership, not about looking too serious. Besides, we really have to focus on young leaders to stay relevant in this world. We welcome our retirees because they have the skills, the time, and the passion to contribute. My focus is on innovative clubs, new club models, new club ideas, and young members. I think I can be the right person at the right time to attract more young members. 

“There’s no wrong age to become a Rotarian.” If someone is 18 and becoming a member, that’s great. And if someone is 80, that’s great too.