By Zoom, Marine Biomedical
Feb 27, 2024
Patrick Moase, (B.A.S., Dip Mgmt., GAICD) CEO
By Zoom, Marine Biomedical



Marine Biomedical is a Western Australian biotech company dedicated to developing and manufacturing innovative and life-changing medical products sourced from the pristine waters of Western Australia, in particular the Kimberley coast.

We believe Australia’s marine environment offers a unique bounty of materials yet to be explored by medical science. Through a collaboration between leading orthopaedic researchers and marine biologists, guided by an ethos of sustainability, we aim to harness the full potential of our oceans to revolutionise the biomedical sector and benefit patients worldwide.

Patrick Moase  (B.A.S., Dip Mgmt., GAICD) Chief Executive Officer
With over 24 years marine biological experience as a scientific researcher, Patrick Moase has extensive knowledge of the Australian marine commercial sector and has advised on legislative direction and research programs.

Patrick has worked directly in the pearling and fishing industries for the past 30 years and sees the vision for medical device development of some of Australia’s greatest sustainably certified and ethically sourced marine resources.

Patrick is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, holds various Board positions, and is the current Chair of Broome’s St Mary’s College.

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