Camberwell Rotarians Vijay Susarla and John Walmsley of the Timor Rotary Consortium reported on the progress of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project in Timor. 
Photos: The tag team of  John Walmsley and Vijay Susula,  and what John looks like when in Timor.
Vijay started by describing the finances of the project, and how The Rotary Foundation has supported Camberwell, Chadstone/East Malvern, Glenferrie, Hawthorn, Malvern and Prahran Rotary Clubs with a Global Grant.  John followed by some description of the “hands on” activity, and the simplicity of installing roof guttering to collect rainwater into tanks, to be uesd for toilets and hygeine. 

The current state of the project, and plans are as follows: One  3 cubicle Toilet has been completed at Bobuha Primary school and a total of 8 Water Tanks have been installed at six locations around the Baguai region.
This work was carried out respectively by Team 1 and Team 2 in May and October 2018. Whilst both these Teams carried out "hands on" work their prime role was to act as "facilitators" and to provide local schools and community groups with the skills needed to build Toilets and to install Water Tanks.  
We are pleased to report that the local communities have responded enthusiastically to this approach and now have the ability to carry out much of this work themselves with minimal supervision.
The first WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) Training program was carried out by Scope Asia / "Timor Foundation" at Bobuha Primary School just prior to Christmas last year.
Photos: Betumutu Primary School water tank,  and interaction at Baguia Primary School.
You will recall that it was a condition of the Rotary Foundation (TRF) Global Grant that WASH Training be incorporated into our Consortium's project and Scope Asia in Dili was commissioned by us to carry out this training following the successful completion and commissioning of the 3 cubicle Toilet at Bobuha Primary School in October 2018 by Team 2.
This training took place over a period of 4 days in slightly adverse conditions as the electricity supply to the region had been cut by very strong wind storms and remained "off" for a period of 2 weeks over the Christmas period which made communication extremely difficult.
Discussions are currently taking place with Ms Leopoldina Guterres, who is our principal contact in Baguia, for Vijay Susarla and John Walmsley to pay a further visit as Team 3 to the Baguia region in late March 2019 to carry out further site location and scoping work for more Toilets and  Water Tanks.
Several potential Toilet and Wash Basin sites were identified by Team 1 last year and it is proposed that these will be re-visited and orders placed for the delivery of materials to these and other sites for local Timorese to carry out construction of Toilets and Water Tanks during the coming Dry Season. 
It is also proposed to meet with local builders to investigate the possibility of constructing future toilet buildings using locally manufactured cement blocks for internal and external walls in place of the metal framed corrugated Colorbond walls used previously.It is hoped that this will be more cost effective and also put more money into the local Baguia region economy.
There is still a need to send additional Teams to the Baguia region to supervise the project and to participate in "hands on" work and also to perhaps review WASH (Water Sanitation & Hygiene) Training delivered by Scope Asia / Timor Foundation where Toilets have been constructed by our Consortium.
To this end we would welcome hearing from anyone (male or female, young or old!) who would like to participate in a Team visit around May 2019 and/or a Team visit around October 2019. We would particularly like to hear from any previous Team members who are prepared to act as a Team Leader on either of the above proposed Team visits dates mentioned above. 
Your participation in a Team would be greatly appreciated by the local Timorese and you will find it a most rewarding experience.It is also a great opportunity to put into practice Rotary's tenet of 'Building International Goodwill and Understanding'.
Vijay and John thanked the Consortium Member Clubs for their continued support of this great project.