The Shadow reports on the scuttlebutt and rumours that abound around Rotary Clubs.
President Charlotte and Peter England hosted a lovely President’s Party on Sunday, which was enjoyed by all.
The company, conversation, drinks and food quickly took our minds off the discouraging weather. The conversation went from football and Rotary to brickmaking and philosophy: while we didn’t solve the world’s problems, we gave them a good shake.
Simon O’Donoghue was a bit critical of the photographer, and took over the camera. 
Now he has retired from the world of Real Estate, could he have a new career ahead?  You can see his photos at:
Thanks Charlotte and Peter, for a most enjoyable afternoon.
That evening, the Shadow spotted one attendee (left) who had decided to celebrate Bastille Day (and her birthday) in the appropriate French manner.
Some announcements from the Tuesday meeting:  Geoff Wright announced that the Mock Job Interviews at Auburn High School would be deferred to Wednesday 32st June. Please let him know if you can assist as an interviewer.
Denbigh Richards updated us on the Collaborative Forum, with Swinburne University and the Cluster Group. There will possibly be a working bee at Romana House, on Saturday 3rd August, assisting Servants Community Housing. Details to follow.
Noel Halford announced the next Wednesday evening meeting would be on 21st August, at Grace Park Tennis Club. No doubt Noel will arrange another engaging speaker, so watch this space.