The function of the Sergeant-at-Arms is to maintain an orderly, dignified, and effective Rotary club meeting, one that will make a right kind of impression on club visitors and guests.

The Shadow, on the other hand, has mysterious powers of observation, detecting things you would never imagine possible.

How WOKE is that!
The Shadow notes that "Rotary in Review" keeps us up to date with Rotary events.
It seems they also keep us wide a-woke.
This week they report on "The LGBT+ Rotarians and Friends Fellowship" and "Uncovering unconscious biases and learning how to counteract them." 
Rotarians are successful and business men and women, who care for their communities.  
It makes The Shadow wonder who "Rotary in Review" think their target audience is: Twelve-year-olds?

Making clubs diverse and welcoming? Do they think they have invented the wheel?
Meanwhile, in Britain, the self-described right-leaning and anti-woke British news channel "GB News" netted more viewers than main competitors Sky News and BBC News on its launch, having ratings of almost triple that of Sky.
Rotary Magazine 2021 Photo Awards
At least this was directed at adults.
Many more photos than usual were taken close to home, sometimes as close as the backyard. We did see breathtaking images of some photographers’ journeys, many from the days before the pandemic limited travel.
Others took this year to experiment with extreme close-ups of a flower petal or a bird in flight. Many photos captured the way COVID-19 has transformed our world and our daily lives. And, perhaps reflecting the fundamental optimism of Rotarians, there were many images of hope, joy, and simple beauty.
Photographer Hansruedi Frutiger won First place with a photo in Yunnan, China.
The Fixers
The Fixers discussed Covid vaccination last week.
There is a lot of misinformation going around on the subject. The Shadow spotted this in "The Guardian"
Medical professionals living in the Byron Bay region are angry and frustrated after businesses asked vaccinated customers not to enter.
Health officials in New South Wales have had to reiterate advice over Covid-19 after a number of businesses in Byron shire were witnessed asking vaccinated customers not to enter their premises under the misapprehension they could shed the virus.
The NSW department of health has stressed that it is impossible for people to develop, shed or spread the virus through receiving a vaccine.
The advice comes after some businesses in the small town of Mullumbimby placed signs in their windows that read: “If you have had the Covid-19 vaccine we ask you not to enter for two weeks or longer until any symptoms subside.” 
Weird, isn't it?
Get well soon - 
Our Resident Comedienne Jane Drury is celebrating Henry's birthday while recovering from a spinal operation earlier today in the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

There isn't much to joke about in hospitals, Jane: we hope you have a speedy recovery. 
The Shadow will be back next week. 
"In a more gender-neutral, perhaps in a more feminine way."  
No bats were harmed in the production of this bulletin.