Posted by Charlotte England


There is no intention of replacing our Club with an E-Club: however to remain in touch over this challenging time we need to "Move with the Times" or we will become obsolete.

Thanks must go to Katrina, who has established a Zoom account for our Club.  We are now able to run Board, Committee and Club meetings electronically. 

The challenge that now faces us is to get everyone 'On Board' as quickly as possible.

Katrina will send out the invitation to the Zoom practice meeting next Tuesday directly to the members (like a Lunch invitation meeting, but without a charge)  so members can RSVP if the like. This invitation will have the internet link.

For next week, it is for members to get familiar with Zoom.


We will run our meetings in a similar fashion to our regular meetings barring the Sergeant's session. Please see below the structure and the timetable for the next two months as we navigate our way into a new world.  Who knows the opportunities that may arise from a different way of thinking or at least thinking outside the box?



31st March - T R A I N I N G  S E S S I O N   F O R  M E M B E R S

12.45 p.m.-1.45 p.m



12.45 p.m. Hook up time

1.00 p.m. President's Opening Address

1.05 p.m. Announcements 

1.15 p.m. Speaker or recorded presentation

1.30 p.m. Question Time

1.45 p.m. President closes the meeting


12.45 p.m.-1.45 p.m. 7th April Club Meeting


6.00 p.m. - 7.30 p.m. 7th April Board Meeting


12.45 p.m.-1.45 p.m. 21st April Club Meeting


Club meetings will then continue weekly on a Tuesday from 12.45 p.m.- 1.45 p.m. 


Board Meetings will run as per the schedule on 11th May and the 8th June


Meeting times will be published in the Bulletin each week so that members are continually updated


This step into a new world for many of our members is critical to our survival.  It can become an excellent communications channel for our Club but also has the potential for us to reach a much wider audience and make new connections. 



It will also allow us to remain connected with each other so small groups or individuals can access Zoom just to 'stay in touch'Isolation can be very daunting and lonely for many and we must consider our fellow members who may be at home alone or just want to touch base on a more regular basis.


Stay safe and well.

Kind regards,

Charlotte England

President & Membership Director 2019-2020

Rotary Club of Hawthorn