Posted by Gordon Cheyne
Six Hawthorn Rotarians attended an on-line meeting of the  e-Club of Melbourne last Wednesday evening. Attendees came from as far apart as Hobart and Rochester.  


President Madu Bishnu welcomed us, and then Stephen Stennett led a discussion on the present state of the Corona Virus epidemic.  Possible avenues where Rotary could help were investigated, including the manufacture/distribution of masks and ventilators.

The meeting felt that Rotary could do best in the vocational area, supporting small businesses at a local level, and with club support groups and an almoner for their own members, leaving the bigger picture to health care and logistics professionals. 


President Charlotte expressed satisfaction with the ease of using the Zoom meeting, and the board will  consider using Zoom for on-line meetings with speakers in the coming weeks. 

We thank Gabe Hau for facilitating the use of Zoom software for the meeting. He recorded the meeting at   


Hawthorn attendees were: President Charlotte England and Rotarians Pisterman, Rush, Flinn, Cheyne and Halford.