Posted by Gordon Cheyne
Tuesday’s guest speaker Keith Moor is Insight Editor of the Herald Sun. He studied journalism at the West Australian Institute of Technology before starting a cadetship with the Perth Daily News in 1979.
Keith won Australia’s top journalism award, the Walkley Award for news reporting, in 1986. He won the coveted award for his coverage of the kidnap of two Victorian aid workers in Pakistan. Keith had travelled into war-torn Afghanistan to find the couple.
 He became the Herald Sun’s first Chief of Staff when the paper was formed in 1990, later progressing to become its News Editor and then Managing Editor (News) in 1995. Keith is the head of the Herald Sun’s investigative unit, having been appointed Insight Editor in November 1996.
Our photo (right) shows Keith with Chairman-of-the-day Noel McInnes.
His third book, “Mugshots 3”, is a thrilling collection of true crime stories.  Cases covered include the Hoddle Street killer, Julian Knight, the tragic murder of Kylie Maybury, and the terror cell formed by Muslim cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika.
Keith started by telling us how he was affected by the sight of the lifeless body of murder/rape victim, six-year-old Kylie Maybury iin 1984. Keith told us the devestating effect the murder had on Kylie’s mother Julie, who he kept in touch with until the case was eventually solved.  Keith kept the story alive over the years, and after numerous false leads and DNA studies had been followed,, the brother of Gregory Keith Davies suggested to police that he should be investigated.  As compelling DNA evidence was available, Davies pleaded guilty, and was imprisoned for life in 2017.  Keith still visits Julie Maybury.
Keith also told us how he wrote to Julian Knight in Pentridge Prison, and was able to visit and interview him there.  Although Knight is highly intelligent, he was kicked out of Duntroon Military College, and has shown no remorse for the murders he committed.  He blamed his military training for teaching him how to kill, but in fact he expressed excitement when describing the events to Keith. 
Keith’s book, “Mugshots 3” contains numerous other anecdotes which he gathered over the years on the crime beat. I look forward to reading it.