Posted by Andrew Crockett

You and your family and friends are invited to participate in the Rotary Club of Hawthorn’s Melbourne Cup Sweep.

Tickets are $5 each and, as required by Victorian law, all proceeds of the sweep will be distributed to holders of winning tickets.


To minimise the cost of processing payments, tickets may only be purchased by direct deposit to the following Rotary Club of Hawthorn bank account:

BSB:               083166

Account No:     53 254 5861

Please include your name and the reference ‘Sweep’. 

After your payment has been received you will be sent a ticket number for each of the tickets you have purchased.

Bank transfers must be made no later than 12:00 PM on Thursday 29 October to allow time for funds to be credited to the Club’s bank account and ticket numbers to be allocated prior to Cup Day.


Say you want to purchase 10 tickets for family and friends.

  1. Transfer $50 to the Club’s bank account no later than 29 October.
  2. After funds arrive in the Club’s account you will be emailed 10 ticket numbers.
  3. It is your responsibility to allocate the tickets among those family members and friends who are participating in the sweep.


The draw will be conducted via Zoom on Cup Day morning by the Treasurer and Club Service director with members of the Special Events team acting as scrutineers.

Horses that are scratched prior to the draw on Cup Day morning will be removed from the draw, but holders of tickets for horses scratched after the draw will not be entitled to a refund.

Immediately following the draw, participating Club members will be informed by email of the horses drawn on the tickets they have purchased.  It is the responsibility of Club members to inform family members and friends of the horses drawn on their tickets.


The prize pools shared by those drawing the first three placed horses in the race will be the following percentages of the total value of tickets sold.

First place            60%

Second place       30%

Third                    10%

Winnings will be paid by direct deposit to the bank accounts of the Club members who purchased the winning tickets.


Club members who purchased winning tickets will need to provide the Treasurer with their bank account details for this purpose.  Club members will be responsible for distributing winnings to family or friends holding winning tickets.

If you have any questions about the sweep please contact me on or mobile 0411 297 873.

Andrew Crockett