Posted by RC Canterbury
Imagine having fun with 50 or so volunteers while you work together to assemble 15,000 emergency meals in just two hours. This happens when you join us with others to combine nutritious sachets of essential vitamins along with cereals such as oats, lentils and rice into packs, enough to feed a family of six. The packs are then shipped overseas and held by a local Rotary District (to make sure they don't fall into the wrong hands) in anticipation of a time of need such as earthquake, typhoon, uprising etc. Often this is the only food available for displaced families. A great way to meet people and contribute to the world.
Over the past 18 months momentum has been growing regarding Canterbury Rotary Club's FORaMEAL project. There have been a number of emergency meal packing events with the largest being at the recent Multi District Conference in February 2019 where more than 100 members, friends, rotarians and volunteers, some who registered through the Meetup app, came together to fill emergency meal  packs that will provide approximately 35000 meals.
A new dedicated FORaMEAL website has now been developed to provide information and assist in the development of the project. Please have a look at the website at
Following the success of the Multi-District Conference Packing Event we have produced this fun video clip.  Some of your members may appear in there somewhere. Enjoy!
Canrerbury RC have been decided to host a Multi-Club Event: 
TUESDAY, 11 JUNE, 2019  6.30—8.30 PM
$1,000 per table of 11 participants, covers the cost of all materials and a contribution towards shipping. 
Venue will be decided upon once we have final numbers, but it will be in our local area. 
If your Club or organisation would like to organise a FORaMEAL packaging event, please contact Val Cunniffe at