Our special interest groups will be getting together next Monday - by Zoom, of course. 

If you would like to join either group, contact Andrew Crockett.



The Fixers topic will be:

‘How can social media be managed so its benefits are realised and its destructive use curtailed?’

They have some questions to get the ball rolling (starting on a positive note)

  1. What aspects of social media are beneficial to individuals and society as a whole and worth preserving?
  2. What aspects of social media are of most concern to you as potentially damaging to individuals and society as a whole?
  3. What measures could be taken to control these undesirable aspects of social media?
  4. Who should be responsible for taking these measures and ensuring that they are effective?



On the other hand, the Bookworms have all read "The Sixteen Trees of the Somme" by Lars Mytting, and will be comparing their thoughts on the book.

Edvard grows up on a remote mountain farmstead in Norway with his taciturn grandfather, Sverre. The death of his parents, when he was three years old, has always been shrouded in mystery - he has never been told how or where it took place and has only a distant memory of his mother. 

Edvard's desperate quest to unlock the family's tragic secrets takes him on a long journey - from Norway to the Shetlands, and to the battlefields of France - to the discovery of a very unusual inheritance. The Sixteen Trees of the Somme is about the love of wood and finding your own self, a beautifully intricate and moving tale that spans an entire century.


Both Fixers and Bookworms have room for more to join their discussions. Just let President Andrew know if you'd like to join in: andpam@bigpond.com