• A good first impression goesa long way in terms of success, whether you’re broadening your network of contacts, trying to nail a job interview, or persuading investors.
  • Understanding the timeframe of a first impression, making eye contact, and leading with a firm handshake will help you impress whoever you’re meeting.
  • Here are five ways to impress everyone you meet.
It pays to make a good impression wherever you go, regardless of your field or where you are in your career. Seeming friendlier and more professional can help you nail a job interview, successfully persuade potential investors, or simply broaden your network of contacts.
John Rampton, entrepreneur and contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, knows a thing or two about making a good first impression. He is a regular speaker at professional networking events: here are his five ways to be more memorable that anyone can implement:
1. Understand the timeframe of a first impression
2. Lead with a firm handshake
3. Allow space in your first conversation
4. Make eye contact
5. Mirror them
And now, make it a habit: practice turns first good impressions into an effortless habit.
The real secret is turning these actions and behaviors into habits.  Once they become second nature to you, you won’t have to think about them as much, and you’ll effortlessly impress the people you meet in your day-to-day life.