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It was Lane that produced the near perfect machine, the ‘Lane’s Ace’.

It embodied all the features brought about by trial and error. Light, strong, fast, rust-resistant, it could be exposed to the elements for months, mislaid and left, then brought back into use immediately.

- G. B. Eggleton, Last of the Lantern Swingers, 1982.



Thanks to a couple of readers for your feedback on the Paul Harris Society. Like everything else, the PHS has been a bit quiet this year. However we always look forward to the next dinner, when there is usually an excellent speaker.

Here’s a flashback to the dinner on 7th March, 2011, when RI President Ray Klinginsmith presented David Pisterman with his Certificate of Membership.

The link for those who wish to join the Paul Harris Society last week was apparently dodgy, so HERE it is again.



On the other hand, there is a nice article on Bequests to the Rotary Foundation in the latest “Rotary on the Move” newsletter, by someone you surely know:

One of the most difficult decisions we all have to make relates to what is politely called “estate planning”.

-  PDG Dennis Shore - Endowment/Major Gifts Adviser - Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands.

Bear a Bequest to the Rotary Foundation in mind - its dead easy!




Kerry Cue certainly brightened our day today, as did Rashi's musical vote of thanks.

And always looking on the bright side, The Shadow was delighted to see the Taliban being safety conscious, although their social distancing needs a little more work.

Don't hold your breath waiting for Rotary's Diversity and Inclusion meeting the Taliban: wouldn't that be a marriage made in heaven?



Meanwhile, stay safe everyone, and enjoy the lockdown

Wee Jock is a bit miffed about the curfew, though.

He misses his midnight stroll around the block.