Charles Troedel: From Stone to Print
May 29, 2018
Dr Amanda Scardamaglia
Charles Troedel: From Stone to Print

Charles Troedel was a 19th century lithographer and founder of the Melbourne based firm, Troedel & Co, Printers & Lithographers. The Troedel family donated its corporate archive to the State Library of Victoria in 1968.  It contains nearly 10,000 print specimens, produced by the firm since its founding in 1863, and includes advertising posters, product labels and other ephemera.  The archive will be showcased in a lavishly-illustrated book, Charles Troedel: From Stone to Print, which will be published by Melbourne Books in 2019.  This presentation will provide a preview of the book, which traces the history of 19th century Australian print advertising, and present some of the most iconic images from the collection.

Dr Amanda Scardamaglia is the Department Chair of the Swinburne Law School. Amanda’s area of research is intellectual property law with a special focus on empirical and historical studies in trade mark law, branding, advertising and the consumer. Amanda was a State Library of Victoria Creative Fellow in 2015-2016 and was awarded a residential fellowship at the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management at Bournemouth University in 2017.  She is the author of the book Colonial Australian Trade Mark Law: Narratives in Lawmaking, People, Power and Place (Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2015) and editor of the peer-reviewed journal Legal History. Her second book, Charles Troedel: From Stone to Print, will be published by Melbourne Books in 2019, in collaboration with the State Library of Victoria.

Photo credit: National Portrait Gallery

Chair: Bill Troedel