Monash in Love, And War
Apr 24, 2018
Neil Cole
Monash in Love, And War


'General Sir John Monash was a brilliant and exalted industrialist, war hero, and head of the Victorian SEC.
Yet, in 1930, although he was the PM’s choice, the Cabinet would not endorse him as the first Australian born Governor General.
Why? Because his private life was too unconventional.
Neil's play examines Monash’s  choices that he made, and the dissent they invoked. It also explores the Great War and its affects on morality, and otherwise.
Much admired by the King, adored by his troops and the public, Monash was a very great Australian. But he was also a driven man seized of extreme and adventurous passions. This was nowhere better evidenced than in his unrestrained romances with the three great loves of his life'.

Chair: Chris Hanson