Humour For Leaders,  Hat Day At Kooyong LTC
Oct 03, 2023
Dr Michael Valos
Humour For Leaders, Hat Day At Kooyong LTC


'Michael Valos:

There has been a lot of academic research into the benefits and risks of humour and academic theories have developed. Research shows both creativity and humour can be improved with training by observing role models and understanding the formula anyone can increase to a degree their ability to observe, create and share humour'. 

His new life combines honorary work at Deakin University and developing a number of talks and short courses '

·      “Humour for leaders.”

·      “Improving societies critical analysis skills”

·      “Dangers of not understanding science.”

·      “Overcoming Media disinformation” 

.       “Skills for life success”

'The content of his talk, and his entertaining style, certainly had the audience laughing. But his talk had a more serious message, presented in an engaging manner, of how humour can be used as a management tool'.
President Russell Jones, President, Rotary Balwyn 2023-2024

While it means something different for each of us, it opens our thinking in how we communicate whether it is in a work, volunteer or family setting.Something in it for everyone'.
Past District Governor Peter Frueh


Photo:  Supplied by Michael Valos