Contact: Ian Bentley

Guest Speaker: Hunter Leonard

Topic: The Experience Equation

In this presentation, Hunter will share information and some inspiring case studies of mature people who’ve overcome ageism to create a future where their experience will be valued.

Hunter Leonard is a multi-award-winning marketer and best selling author of seven books. He has helped over 500 clients achieve revenue growth of over 2 billion dollars.

Hunter his helping one mature Aussie at a time, on a mission to help end ageism.

  • Why is the future of work going to be so much different for mature workers?
  • What is the value of experience and wisdom in today’s economy?
  • Inspirational stories 
  • Why isn’t a well-written resume enough anymore?
  • What skills will be important in the future?

Hunter will share the answers to these questions and more in this presentation about his new book - The Experience Equation.