President's Ponderings
What a time to be proud of our club! 
We parked cars in magnificent style, despite the extreme heat, and maintained our equilibrium even when dealing with that very occasional stroppy driver.  I was told “on Friday afternoon, as we were driving out, your people were wonderful in helping us get out into the Glenferrie Road traffic.  Do please thank them.”  So, Ken McNamara and probably others, take a bow!
We raised some $8,078; and provided a genuine service to the public.
And we successfully trialed our new marquee.  I’m sure we’ll use it quite a lot over the coming years – together with banners promoting Rotary!
Again wonderful to induct (or indoctrinate) a new member,  John Lane.   Welcome John.  
Many of our families – including mine - have suffered from cancer.  So, I’m sure many of us will rally to support Relay for Life on the evening of Saturday 19 March.  Put it in your diary now. Pay up at lunch next week.  Attend on Saturday 19 March.  Please. (see detail in item below)
Sue Ellson on 20 ways to use LinkedIn
LinkedIn!  What is it? Often seen as a word arising on the net when one searches for detail of a name or a person  it might be best thought as a Facebook for business people.  At this point many in the audience felt their knowledge on the subject had reached saturation level. 
Happily chairman Dennis Shore introduced guest speaker Sue Ellson and we were treated to a great but necessarily condensed run through, complete with working examples of how to use LinkedIn and especially to achieve some purpose be that marketing promotion, communication and or network building (not electronic but in the sense of developing and maintaining business contacts).   Indeed it is a network system akin to well known social media but very business oriented with 7 million members in Australia and providing a platform for professional people and business to business interaction ("B2B")

Sue with a CV that notes qualifications such as BBus, AIMM, MAHRI, CDAA (Assoc) and ASA is an Independent LinkedIn Specialist and the author of the book "120 Ways to Achieve Your Purpose with LinkedIn..Tried and True Tips and Techniques" launched on 23 February 2016.   Her address to us covered 20 of those ways!

She is based in Melbourne (locally in Camberwell-Hawthorn), and is well known as the Founder and Director of  Newcomers Network, Camberwell Network and 120 Ways Publishing.  This focuses in providing services around finding a job in Australia as an Independent LinkedIn Specialist, business consulting, website design and SEO, and social media startup or review.

Using Hawthorn Rotary as a prime LinkedIn site then Sue demonstrated how valuable the system can be by highlighting the various connections and sustained records of connections and information on related organisations which we had interacted with or had an interest in.

The only quandary re the utility and merit of LinkedIn perhaps arose out of the question of privacy and those seeking invisibility; that may be difficult if one is not prudent with security options.  Sue's  explanation, of "Reverse Stalking" , i.e the capacity to obtain lists of those who had sought on the net information about you as a LinkedIn member, was fascinating.  


BBQ Meeting at the Car Parking
The recent Davis Cup event at Kooyong saw us cancel our usual Tuesday meeting and have an informal BBQ lunch on the subsequent Friday-the 4th March.   This was coupled with the car parking activity.  Organised by Noel Halford and Ken MacNamara, and professionally served with sausages and rolls  by cook Sherdian Brown (and David Bradshaw) about 20 braved the heat to attend.   It was in the high 30's!
 A marque had been erected (the time taken remains a secret) and provided ample shade for those attending.   There it is above after taxing all the engineering skill of those who got it to stay up.
 Salads and cool drinks were abundant.  There was no speaker but President Lawrence did his best to maintain some element of a meeting flavour with a brief thanks to the workers.  
The photo above correctly records that those there found it a pleasant and enjoyable change from the usual meeting.
Car Parking Success
The car parking at the Kooyong Davis Cup event was a great success raising over $8000.    At times it was very hectic but our members coped well, despite often needing to improvise on locations and directions to those seeking a parking spot, as well as last minute doubling up and or extending their roster shift. 
As one can see from the right hand photo flexibility was key.
Thanks to all who were involved. 
Relay For Life 19th March
 At Relay For Life events, communities across the globe come together to honor cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost, and fight back against the  disease.  Funds raised for participating help medical research.

Relay For Life teams camp out overnight and take turns walking or running around a track or path at a local venue.  Events are up to 24 hours long, and because cancer never sleeps, each team is asked to have at least one participant on the track at all times.  

For the eleventh successive year Hawthorn Rotary will be a significant participant at the local  John Gardiner Reserve in Auburn Road.   Typically it has been  a wonderful and moving event, even for those just attending on the sidelines to observe the candles in the evening.  Again this year,  on the 19th March, all ( friends and children too) are welcome to come along.

For those who wish to be more involved our club will have a sit down meal (BBQ style) on said day  Saturday 19th March at the site.  This will kick off at 7.00pm.   Cost is $15 for the meal.   Registering as a formal track player invokes a seperate $25 donation

Please advise Noel Halford ASAP if you wish to register.    Similarly he needs to know of meal takers for catering purposes. 

Bowls Evening 22 March
You and your partner, friends,  family, colleagues and neighbours are invited to a special event on Tuesday 22nd March...from 6pm.
(There will not be a lunchtime meeting at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club)
There will, however, be a FUN and casual  event at:
The Auburn Bowls Club
2B Munro Street, Hawthorn
Come along for a BBQ and Bowls evening.
(you don't have to bowl, you may like to cheer from the sidelines)
Fun, fellowship, networking.
Cost: $25 per person
*please pay:  next Tuesday 15th March)
this includes: bowling, free glass of beer or wine on arrival, BBQ hire on the huge BBQ!
(then drinks at special bar prices)
BYO meat and salads
Dress:  Flat soled shoes or bare feet is fine.
Bring along your brightly coloured clothes just to show that we all know how to have a good time!!
*Prizes  for the  most 'colourful identities'  !!
Come along and join in the fun !!
A BIG thanks to David Pisterman for his help and generosity in organising the event.
Feedback from China
You might recall a presentation which Robert Ball and I made to the Club after our visit to China, and in particular our experience at the mission conducted out of Beijing by the Oblate Fathers.    Their activities include support for a babies home which takes in abandoned and critically ill infants, the house boarding program for young people and in some instances children from the babies’ home  and also the small school to help migrant children.
You might also recall a fine address given to the Club by Fr Christian Fini about the Order and its activities in China.
Robert and I spent some time at the school and saw the classes happening.  Migrant children are from the families who come to the city from outer regions in search of employment but as “migrants they have no rights.”  At this little school they are taught basic skills including English.  Also mothers are taught English which is a major help in obtaining employment.
The Board decided to make a grant to the school and we have just received a report as to way our grant was expended .  The full report has been emailed to all members.  In simple terms our dollars have been stretched a long way and includes a new projector, an air-conditioner, whiteboards and engaging a part time teacher.
Included in the report were the above  photos.
It is very pleasing to have a detailed report and know that our contribution is making such a difference.
The International Committee is looking into way to further extend our involvement with this project.
David Rush
The Shadow Noted
 The Shadow, by definition, prefers to keep out of the sun.  Fortunately – given that it was very hot - on Friday we had a marquee for the BBQ lunch at the Davis Cup Car Parking. So much coming and going.  Richard Logan arrived, immaculate as ever, as cool as ever despite the temperature, and never even took off his tie!  Peter Lugg arrived in far more practical gear – shorts – having just got off a plane from (The Shadow assumes) from Cambodia
There was, of course, far too much food.  Next time we must each bring a couple of disposable plastic boxes so that we can take home our share of the surplus: perfect for lunch the next day.  Worth doing, given the deliciousness:  The Shadow thanks MasterChefs Sheridan Brown and David Bradshaw.
The Sergeant is boss.  But who keeps the Sergeant in check?  Welcome The Shadow!  Actually to compliment Sergeant Meredith who cleverly incorporated a strategy planning discussion into a fund raiser.  Or was it the other way round?  Clever.

Injured List

No news.
Make ups and Apologies

Remember Geoff Wright collates attendance information and he needs to be told of  "make up " events which we attend.

Tell Noel Halford days before of an inability to attend Tuesday.  Late or non apologies raise catering costs. 

Also please alert him to attending guests.   Unforeseen higher numbers make problems for a surprised chef in supplying all meals simultaneously.

Club Rosters

If you cannot perform your duty, please find a replacement or contact Charles Morrison


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