President's Note

Nice to be back after a week off.    Good internally focused meeting with topical update on the Rotary Foundation by Bernie Walshe and reports on the outcome of our strategy/planning meeting back in April.  Thank you to Lawrence, Ngaire, and Charlotte for condensing much of that day in their vision statement report.

Hard to keep track of all the happenings and breaks over the next month or so check my perception of things in the next item.

Also Hams.   Please get those orders in ASAP to Phil Stewart or Richard Logan

See you next week

Events over Holiday Period
As an appendice to my regular weekly note here is a summary of the events/meetings over the holiday period.
5th December     Next Weeks Regular Meeting with guest speaker Anne Dunlop on Neighborhood Watch
12th December   6.30pm for 7 at Kooyong for the joint Xmas Party (with Glenferrie RC)
17th December    Sunday Xmas party for socially isolated at Camberwell High (all hands needed)
19th December    5.00pm >...   Fun Evening (everyone welcome) at Auburn Bowls Club
Tues 9th to Fri 12th January     Car Parking  at Kooyong Tennis Classic (parkers needed!)
18th January                First Thursday evening meeting for 2018 (Auburn Hotel)
23rd January                First Tuesday get-together for new year BBQ at local Mens Shed 
                                    (details to follow)
30th January                Regular meeting time but external excursion/lunch to be arranged
Tues 6th February                 Back to usual with Kooyong lunch meeting
Club Vision Statement
Rotary Hawthorn – Vision Statement
By Lawrence Reddaway
At the club Visioning Session on 19 March 2017, the attendees voted to develop a Vision Statement for our club.
In response, Lawrence Reddaway, Ngaire Cannon and Charlotte England, and then the Board, have developed two descriptors for any club member to use from time to time, as they see fit:
A vision statement:
 “Rotary Hawthorn is an inclusive, active club, with a focus on the community”       
And/or a slogan:
Rotary Hawthorn: making a difference in communities
The vision statement is already on our Website (on the home page, under the heading ‘Welcome to Rotary Hawthorn’, beside the President’s photo).
Why shouldn’t you
·          Use the Vision Statement?     and/or
·         Be the first to use the slogan?
        say in your email signature?
Christmas Party 12th Dec evening
Update on Foundation Activities.....Bernie Walshe
Bernie Walshe past District Governor and Hawthorn President was speaker at our last meeting.   He talked of Foundation, its history and goals.
First, we recalled that twelve years after the first Rotary gathering of Paul Harris and three other business colleagues in Chicago, in 1917 Arch C Klumph at the annual convention of the now 1500+ member strong Rotary team proposed setting up an endowment fund.   By 1928 it had $5737. 
Hence the genesis of Rotary Foundation which as Klumph articulated for which "It seems eminently proper that we should accept endowment for the purpose of doing good in the world, in charitable, educational or other avenues of community progress" and which has grown to be the major plank of Rotary today.   Over $3.7 Billion has been gathered and distributed to various world wide projects.   
The end polio campaign has been  the most prominent in recent times and bordering on complete success.   There are numerous lesser projects and Hawthorn Rotary has participated in many--most notably that dealing with literacy for the Kurdish Women in Turkey back in about 2000.  Bernie noted that it is often the case  that Rotary initiatives can be taken on by governments, in the latter example the Turkish Government continued and participated in the initiative in a more extensive way.
The concept of matching grants means a club driven project can tap into Foundation funds for support to pursue appropriate modest international projects
Key to the Foundation is the endowment.  Rotary members have various means by which to give and at different levels.    Recognition comes through Rotary awards for "Centurions" ($100 pa), Paul Harris Fellowships ($1000 on behalf), and Paul Harris Society membership($1000pa) and even Arch Klumph Society membership (cum >$250,000!).  Major donations and bequests under wills etc are significant sources too.
Hawthorn Rotary has a good record with member numbers qualifying under various guises at the top end of Rotary experiences.  The simplicity now for regular small monthly contribution to reach even Centurion status should be explored--indeed the amount is very modest in contrast with ones weekly lunch meeting tariff.
Hams, Cakes, Chocs.....Ordering
Phil Stewart and Richard Logan are collecting orders for our major fund raiser, i.e the Xmas Hams.      Often our Rotarians leave things until the last minute to the distress of the project leader.  
Please get your order in now.   While Phil is on leave for another week or so Richard is the best focus.
You can download and order your Christmas fare from the superb quality products available through the Rotary Club of Hawthorn. For more details and to download the order form click on this image =>



The Shadow
   The Shadow observed that local Poet Laureate David Rosback (see below) basked in the comments of Simon O'Donoghue about how he had induced most special treatment on a recent professional visit to Epworth in Richmond on mention of David's name.   As an aside how could a Sergeant  fine people for improper dress(no tie or jacket) and yet show such legs in those tartan shorts.    It had The Shadow wondering, but well done Simon the clink of brass was more intense than usual and good health to you! 
Staying on money matters Bernie Walshe's delivery on Foundation and the various ways in which members can contribute  brought this poetic line from David Rosback.    " Give with a warm heart rather than  cold hand".     The Shadow wondered which scribe he had plagiarized or was it a late burst of poetic inspiration?   
Make-ups and Apologies

Lawrence Reddaway always seeks to finalize numbers by Sunday 10pm by collating  responses to attendance at the next meeting.   So please try the electronic response (or phone) or even carrier pidgeon!    Forewarn of any guests at the same time.   This minimizes catering costs. 

Geoff Wright collates the attendance information.  He needs to know of  "make up " events.

Club Roster 

If you cannot perform your duty, please find a replacement or contact Charles Morrison


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Lunch Speakers
Dec 05, 2017
Boroondara Neighbourhood Watch
Boroondara Neighbourhood Watch

Suzanne was a member of Hawthorn Rotary for a number of years and some members may remember her.

Suzanne attended the last Boroondara Police Open Day in October 2014 and purely out of interest spoke to the then Chair of Boroondara Neighbourhood Watch. After being a member for 12 months she took the surprising action to nominate for the position of Chair as she felt Boroondara Neighbourhood Watch should be seen to be active in the community complying with its purpose which is to assist Boroondara Police with crime prevention.

Generally most activities have police involvement with a number of volunteers.

From 1986-2009 Borondara Neighbourhood Watch had 62 areas with about 1000+ residences in each area. With an absolute minimum of 10 persons in each area there well in excess of 1,000 + volunteers. Today there are 5 areas in Kew, Kew East, Balwyn, Balwyn North and Camberwell with a total of 200 volunteers many of whom are now in their 80’s and 90’s.

We are now Boroondara-wide with less than 200 volunteers and a core of active volunteers totaling 15.

As you will see Boroondara Neighbourhood Watch may be small but are actively involved in crime prevention in Boroondara.

Chair: Sheridan Brown

Dec 12, 2017
Dec 19, 2017
Auburn Bowls Club
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