President's Note

It was refreshing to meet Emmanuel Kusasira Edwin and Anne Marie Reddan from Yimba Uganda today and hear how two young people have used their breadth of talent in music and fashion design to educate and train Ugandan youth.  Their effort to create a sustainable life for so many people and to give each person the opportunity to gain a new skill was wonderful.   They have created programmes in Music Mentorship, Tailoring, Fashion and Design plus Rural Agriculture all of which have given Ugandan Youth pathways to a better life.
Their own story is, in itself, a modern fairy tale and it was a privilege to hear it and share lunch with two motivated, articulate young people who have already made a significant social impact. Emmanuel and Anne Marie were joined by Colleen d'Offay from the Brighton Club who is responsible for the Ugandan project and it was interesting to hear from her how Brighton supports Yimba Uganda.
(Our photo shows Emma and Anne Marie, with chairman of the day Noel Halford and President Charlotte.)
Wednesday is a busy day for our Club.  The Salvo Hawks are playing their last game at Victoria Oval between 12.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. Tomorrow evening the Wednesday Group meet at Grace Park at 6.45 p.m for 7.00 p.m.  Please support these two Club projects if you can. 
Kind regards,
Charlotte England
President & Membership Director 2019-2020
Rotary Club of Hawthorn

Yimba Uganda

Yimba Uganda is a Uganda based non-government organization that equips Ugandan youth, especially drop-outs and slum children,  with sustainable income generating skills through vocational training and education.
It was founded in 2013 by Emmanuel Kusasira Edwin, in partnership with Anne-Marie Reddan.
Emmanuel (Emma),  grew up in the slums of Kampala and had a first hand experience of the difficulties and hardships people living in such places face everyday.  Due to the hard work and determination shown by Emmanuel’s parents while he was at school, Emmanuel and his family were able to move out of this area. He went on the complete a university degree in Social Sciences at Uganda’s most renowned University, whilst building his career as a gospel artist. As his music career grew and he became more known and respected in society, Emmanuel never forgot where he came from and has utilized his standing and voice in society to advocate and address the needs of these communities close to his heart, in particular the youth.
 His wife, Anne-Marie Reddan, is originally from Healesville. She first visited Uganda as a 16-year-old, and was deeply impressed by the poverty she saw. She returned several times, and spent a gap year assisting there.
Following graduation, she and Emma have established three programs:
  • An agricultural and farming project aimed at Youth in the city of Jinja
  • A 12-month vocational training course in tailoring, fashion and design
  • A music mentorship program conducted by Emma.
Emma stressed how the agricultural loan system engendered sustainability and “ownership” of the plan, as participants repay the borrowed goat by repaying with a young goat in following years. An offshoot of the tailoring project is the production of hygiene kits for girls, allowing them to attend school regularly.
As Yimba Uganda grows, they hope to develop and offer more courses to Ugandan youth, so they are able to utilize their talents, and passions to pursue a promising career in their desired fields.
Our photos show the tailoring project, Anne-Marie with an agricultural loan participant and new goat, and the music mentoring program.
Colleen d’Offay of Brighton Rotary Club described how her club has become involved in assisting Yimba Uganda through Global Grant applications.
More about Yimba Uganda: 

The Salvo Hawks

The Reclink football competition and other Reclink programs have been shown to provide  an opportunity for disadvantaged members of the community to find pathways to improved health, well-being, education and  employment.
This makes our support of the program through the Salvo Hawks both worthwhile and appreciated, apart from it also being an opportunity to socialize and enjoy the game.
The Salvo Hawks final home match this year is next Wednesday August 21st, so come along anytime between 12.00pm and 2.00 pm and give them your support.
The game is being played at Victoria Reserve, Victoria Road Hawthorn, just up from Auburn Road.

Above or Below the Line, Your Choice!

Which line is that I hear you ask?  It’s the line of choice. Picture it as a horizontal line that separates the positive from the negative, success from failure.
In everything we do, particularly in business, we make a choice. Even when external influences seem to be at play, we can still choose just how we respond to the situation. We may not have control over the entire situation, but we always have control over our reaction. That choice usually sends us either above or below the line.
Above the line lies accountability, ownership and responsibility. Below the line you’ll find blame, excuses and denial. If you take a minute to look back at any number of situations and how the people involved, or even you, responded, you can usually identify which way the choice fell.
How did it go? Do you see more behavioural responses that fall above the line than below? Are you or the people you work with operating above the line and taking full responsibility for what is happening in your business? Or is there evidence of the blame game going on?
As a leader of your business, you must begin with the self. If you are not operating above the line then the chances of others following your lead is fairly high. You will soon have a negative environment that focuses on blame, excuses and denial when things go wrong. It’s a sure fire way for things to spiral and the negativity to increase.
This short you-tube video recently made by the Conscious leadership group, gives a good overview of the concept – and posed an interesting question.
How are you being with what is going on at work right now?
Are you above the line – taking personal responsibility?
Or are you below the line – finding it easier to deny, blame or excuse?
Here is our info graphic visual that can act as a prompt when you oscillate between being above and below the line.
How can you evolve your thinking or behaviours to move to a state of curiosity, learning, problem solving or action?
The Shadow Knows!   20/8/19
While The Bulletin doesn’t normally carry advertising, The Shadow couldn’t resist this “Positions Vacant” opportunity. Inner-city Melbourne’s  Yarra Council is hiring.  The ad below is listed at LinkedIn:
Climate Emergency Officer
Permanent Full Time (Flexible)
Band 6 $87,105.55 – $94,943.91 + Super + RDO
The City of Yarra has a proud history of environmental action and leadership. Yarra was one of the first local governments in the world to declare a climate emergency, recognising urgent action is required by all. We are now employing our first Climate Emergency Officer, to help respond to the climate emergency across the municipality and within the organisation.
The climate emergency is fast-paced, growing global movement. We are seeking a passionate candidate who has relevant understanding and experience in developing and implementing community sustainability campaigns and projects, strong communication skills, and a demonstrated ability to undertake complex projects with many stakeholders.
Yarra city council is a dynamic, progressive, and sustainable organisation. We pride ourselves on our diversity and aim to make a positive difference in people’s lives.
For further information see the Position Description below or contact Michael Oke, Sustainability Unit Manager on (03) 9205 5723. 
More specifically, the position will: "Investigate, prepare, and support applications for relevant grant programs to secure funds to enable delivery of climate emergency action and engagement programs." 
Interesting!  The Shadow is considering applying for the position himself: $87,105.55 – $94,943.91 + Super + RDO isn't to be sneezed at.
The Power of Microfinance and how it can impact on Social Enterprise
Noel Halford reminds us that the Wednesday Group Meeting on 21st August will feature Janet Hay, who has a Masters Degree in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid and is well qualified to speak on the subject of microfinance and social business. Giving small business entrepreneurs loans to develop their businesses is a sustainable way of decreasing poverty and helping societies.
Sergeant-at-Arms Simon O’Donoghue was back from holiday with a vengeance, fining raffle winner Hans Carlborg, his substitute David Corrigan for being ever-so-efficient, and anyone who didn’t attend the movie night.  “Palm Beach” was certainly one of Ngaire Cannon’s best movie choices. We all identified with the over-the-hill “rockers”.
It was suggested at lunchtime that many members did not have any knowledge regarding the speaker at our forthcoming Charity Lunch. We attach a URL to a YouTube of Jockey Leigh Woodgate and her story which featured on the ABC's Australian Story.
You will find it both interesting and worthwhile watching, and may wish to send it to friends and colleagues that you invite to our lunch.

Jest for a Laugh


Upcoming Speakers

Aug 27, 2019
Benjamin Lindner
Waltzing Matilda: A Forensic History

This song that started as an accidental collaboration in outback Queensland in 1895 caused the death of a seven-year relationship and went on to inspire a nation during World War II, following Banjo Paterson’s death in 1941. The facts about the swagman, the contribution of Christina Macpherson and Sarah Riley and the timing and the place of the composition are all revealed.


Sep 10, 2019
Daryl Steer  Cambodia Clean Water & Toilet Project

My introduction to Cambodia came with a family visit to Siem Reap in early 2015 to see the temples.  We were exposed to the plight of a people that have experienced so much tragedy in recent years and were literally re-building their country from scratch. The land mine victims were the obvious casualties, the less obvious were those in the villages in the rural areas. Clean water and sanitary toilets are essential for health. It is in this area of health and hygiene with clean water and sanitary toilets that I believe we can make a significant change in the lives of village families. To date, we have installed 234 Septic Tank Toilets and 86 Clean Water Bores.

Forthcoming Events

The Power of Microfinance and how it can impact on Social Enterprise
We are delighted to announce that this month's Wednesday Group Meeting on 21st August will feature as its speaker, Janet Hay, who has extensive experience in the subject of enhancing community development through humanitarian aid.
Janet has worked with Asylum seekers who have arrived at Christmas Island, Nauru and Manus Island.
Since this time she has completed a Masters Degree in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid and is well qualified to speak on the subject of microfinance and social business.
Her address will challenge current thinking about charitable giving and will be of interest to Aid Agencies, Corporates, and other Charitable organisations
Please note we now have a new venue at the Grace Park Tennis Club.
This meeting is open to all those interested in this subject and would seek to learn more about Rotary and its role in serving local and global communities
It would be most helpful if you could confirm your attendance or otherwise no later than Tuesday 20th August.
A light supper with refreshments is provided
Admission:  $15.00 per person. ( Students $10.00)
Noel Halford
Monthly Meeting Coordinator  Mob 0419 018 901
Make-ups and Apologies

Kim D'Arcy always seeks to finalize numbers by Monday 8.30am by collating  responses about attendance at the next meeting.   So please try to email back to her by that time; and, at the same time, forewarn of any guests.   (Predicting our numbers as closely as possible helps to minimize our catering costs.)

Invitations to Tuesday Club meetings now look slightly different.  To indicate your attendance or apologies, you will not be required to write an email to Kim.  You will simply need to click on the link attached to your name and follow a couple of simple steps. You can pay for your meal on the site.

Geoff Wright collates the attendance information.  He needs to know of  "make up " events.

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