President's Note  30/7/19
Our lunch meeting today was well supported with 27 members and guests who were treated to a presentation by Cathy Booth the Founder of Umoja Orphanage in South Eastern Kenya. 
Cathy hails from the Sunrise Club of Bundaberg and has worked tirelessly over the past 7 years to create a self sustaining orphanage for young children.  It was breathtaking to hear how Cathy, with her many Rotary connections, has taken 15 acres of bush land and built not only an orphanage, school and farm in rural Kenya. 
Her trials and tribulations in negotiating for everything from the purchase of the land to building the school and orphanage plus developing a farm which sells its goods to local companies is extraordinary.  The learning curve of dealing with a society that has little or no social services was an eye opener.
Cathy is truly an inspiring Rotarian.  Our photo shows her with Chairman of the day, Denbigh Richards.
Charlotte England,
Hawthorn Rotary.

The Good, The Bad and The Extraordinary

Cathy Booth is a Rotarian and primary school teacher in Bundaberg, Queensland, still working full time in her profession and continuing to create something extraordinary in Kenya for orphaned and vulnerable children who have no future prior to coming to be part of the Umoja Tribe.
'We are a project of RAWCS (Rotary Australia World Community Service) with Bundaberg Sunrise Rotary Club being our sponsor here and in Kenya it is the Rotary Club of Diana Beach'.
On the road from north of Mombasa to the south of Ukunda, you see rotting garbage piled high randomly covering the sides of the unbelievable potholed roads. Whatever food is discarded is decaying, often maggot-infested mounds of waste and remains. Children sleep on dirt floors, with coconut husks as their only comfort from the hard ground.
After witnessing first hand some of the horrors children live in Kenya, moving back to her life in Australia and doing nothing was never an option for Cathy. The images of hundreds and hundreds of emaciated children lined up to receive their only meal for the week haunted Cathy long after she returned to Australia. There are simply not enough orphanages to home the orphaned and vulnerable children, so their suffering continues. The need is beyond comprehension to those who have never seen how the orphaned children live. Cathy was determined to build her own orphanage.
Cathy told us how in 2010 she acquired land for her orphanage, and with the help of volunteers trained local people to build a fence and eventually the first children’s home. Water storage, bore holes, and electricity generators were required.
With the help of AusAid and RAWCS funding, she has been able to nearly complete the second children’s home.
While training local farmers in permaculture and sustainability, they have two greenhouses and a two acre food farm and 800 chickens. They also raise funds by running safaris.
UMOJA  consists of two charities
  1. Umoja Orphanage Kenya (the Australian fundraising arm of the organisation)
  2. and Umoja Children’s Village – Ukunda (the children’s home in Kenya)
The fundraising team in Australia works together with Rotary and other businesses and individuals around the country and overseas to raise funds.

ConocoPhillips Science Experience

The ConocoPhillips Science Experience is a series of fun three or four days of science activities for Year 9 and 10 students hosted by universities around Australia.
Each program is designed to provide students who have an interest in science with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of fascinating science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their work. Students have the opportunity to experience Science experiments, use equipment that is beyond the capacity of schools, and learn about further studies in science, technology and engineering and the wide range of careers available in the STEM fields that allow students to pursue their interest and abilities.
Auburn High School is extremely grateful to have the support of Hawthorn Rotary Club who provided scholarship funding for five of our students to attend one of these experiences. Students were required to complete a detailed application explaining why they would like the opportunity to attend and how their attendance would benefit both themselves and the school and were selected following an interview.
This year’s scholarship recipients are Daria Osipova, Lachlan Miller, Will Butterfield, YiannaTelas and Riley Salan.
This year we were also granted two additional scholarships directly from The ConocoPhillips Science Experience for additional students to attend Swinburne University of Technology. Recipients of these additional scholarships were Alexander Cugura and Alex Cusack. 
Congratulations to all of our applicants and particular congratulations to the scholarship recipients. 
Louisa Phillipson is a Science Teacher at Auburn High School.
Wikipedia: Paradise not yet lost
The web was created as an open exchange of information. Today, that dream often seems dead. But on the fifth-most popular website in the world, it’s not only still alive, but it also actually works pretty well. The biggest tech companies on earth rely on it to power search results, fight disinformation and make smart speakers smarter.
Wikipedia is fallible, and despite its goal of neutrality and ambition to gather all the world’s information, it is not without bias and conflict. Still, a surprisingly small team of volunteers keeps chipping away at disambiguating the world.
The birth of Wikipedia is a very internet story: a blend of Ayn Rand libertarianism, listserv discussions on philosophy, failed startups, and racy photographs. Jimmy Wales was an options trader in Chicago who got in on the early online rush with Bomis (rhymes with “promise”), meeting his startup co-founders via email-list roundtables on Rand’s objectivist thought.
It was a “Web portal,” as startups like Yahoo and Google were called, designed to help users navigate the quickly-growing Web 1.0 using “Web rings” of associated content. One of the most successful categories for Bomis was attractive women—Wales says it was “R-rated”—and it served, in part, as an “index of the ‘laddie’ Web.” Bomis obviously didn’t become Google, or even AltaVista. But watching users create Web rings showed Wales “the power of what we now call “peer-to-peer,” or “distributed,” content production.
Turning his online encyclopedia into a community-driven, crowd-sourced nonprofit solved all of Wales’s problems. It grew quickly with minimal revenue. The sheer number of editors proved to be a solid swap for Nupedia’s targeted expertise. There’s some irony in such a communal project arising from discussions of a philosopher associated with rapacious, individualist capitalism—or is there?

1930s: European writers Herbert Wells and Paul Otlet came up with the idea of an encyclopedia that could hold all of human knowledge.
1993: Internet pioneer Rick Gates suggested that a free, open-source encyclopedia could exist on the internet (he called it “Interpedia”).
1995: Ward Cunningham made the first “wiki,” from the Hawaiian word for “quick” and inspired by Apple’s HyperCard programming language.
2001: American entrepreneurs Larry Saunders and Jimmy Wales registered the domains and
2005: A study published in the journal Nature found that Wikipedia’s entries are about as accurate as those in the Encyclopedia Britannica.
2007: Wikipedia reached 2 million entries, surpassing the Yongle Encyclopedia (compiled in China 1408, this encyclopedia had held the record for 600 years).
Full story about how Wikipedia works:
The Shadow Knows!  30/7/19
Yes! Our container to the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital in Phnom Penh has arrived, (see photo) and the various components (wheelchairs for kids, hospital beds, X-Ray and Ultrasound machines, orthotic boots and so on) are being distributed to their prescribed areas. No doubt Peter Lugg will update us on how it went, after his next visit to Cambodia.
Meanwhile, DIK regular volunteers Helen, Jenny and Deb visited Cambodia recently, and report: “Phnom Penh was on our itinerary which enabled us to visit a number of big projects.  A busy few days in November was spent visiting the nearly completed building of Nokor Tep Womens Hospital. This will be the first Hospital in Cambodia dedicated to women's gynaecological and oncology care. We also visited the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital, a huge contrast. So under-resourced but still caring for the poorest of the poor. We had a couple of other visits to Cambodian Children's Fund and the Children's Surgical Centre.” 
Don’t you love their photo of the road-accident victim arriving at the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital by Tuk-tuk?
We draw your attention to the flyer for Care for Cambodians’ Literary Lunch on Friday 9th August at the Anglers Tavern on the banks of the Maribyrnong River.  Lovely!
Happy holidaymakers Jan and Ian Macfarlane have returned from a safari in far-north Queensland, from Cairns, through the Daintree Forest and around Cape York Peninsula: some pretty rough roads but an exhilarating trip. On the other hand, Wendy and Phil Stewart are on their way to ”The Med”, from Barcelona to the Greek Islands with the lot! Keep an eye open for their holiday snaps. We show the two wanderers comparing notes on the right.
President Charlotte inducted Andrew Crockett for membership of the Hawthorn Rotary Club, with the classification of Legal aid/administrative law. Our photo shows Andrew and Pam Crockett with President Charlotte and PP Ian Bentley, who will be Andrew’s mentor. 
You will recall The Salvo Hawks, the footy team that we ALL support: their next game is on Wednesday August 7th at 12 noon, at the Victoria Reserve.
The competition is part of Reclink Australia’s national program, which provides sport and recreation opportunities to the most hard to reach people in our community, including: 
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD) 
  • People with a disability 
  • Individuals with at-risk behaviours (such as drug and alcohol abuse, gambling etc) 
  • Homeless 
  • Youth offenders 
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations 
Come along and help: man the scoreboard, serve the drinks, post match pizzas or just cheer when they score!
Don’t forget the working bee at Romana House this Saturday: contact Sheridan Brown if you can help: 0408 891 056.
And please note that the next working bee at DIK will be on the first Saturday in September, the 7th.  (This Saturday’s bee is by the e-club of Melbourne)

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Upcoming Speakers

Aug 06, 2019
Club Forum
Various Speakers
Aug 20, 2019
Yimba Uganda
Emmanuel (Emma) Sserwanga & Anne-Marie Reddan

Emmanuel was born and raised in the largest slum located in the capital of Uganda. His wife, Anne-Marie Reddan, is originally from Healesville.

Their story is amazing. This inspiring couple have established 3 amazing programs. Emma is Uganda's most recognised Gospel singer, specializing in reggae and dancehall music and reputation presents as a positive role model for those interested in music.   He has gone on to win many prestigious awards and continues to do so.

Aug 27, 2019
Benjamin Lindner
Waltzing Matilda: A Forensic History

This song that started as an accidental collaboration in outback Queensland in 1895 caused the death of a seven-year relationship and went on to inspire a nation during World War II, following Banjo Paterson’s death in 1941. The facts about the swagman, the contribution of Christina Macpherson and Sarah Riley and the timing and the place of the composition are all revealed.

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