President’s Note

A typically healthy representation of Hawthorn Rotarians attended District Assembly last Sunday. No doubt deliberately, Assembly occurs at a juncture in the Rotary year when we are looking both backwards and forwards. Current club leaders are engaged in looking back at recent projects ensuring loose ends are tied up, while new leaders and club members generally are looking forward with anticipation to the new Rotary year.  
Breakout sessions at Assembly enable incoming board members to garner portfolio-specific knowledge and inspiration, while in the plenaries, new District leaders and support personnel are introduced, and the incoming District Governor rallies the troops to action for the forthcoming year.  Last Sunday DGE Grant Hocking enthusiastically laid out his hopes and plans for 2019-2020, while via video, RI President Daniel Maloney passionately introduced and explained his theme for the year - Rotary Connects the World. The video is available at If this year's logo makes no sense to you, at first sight, ensure you watch the end of the video. All will become clear.
Photo:   District Governor Elect Grant Hocking introduced the District Support Team for 2019-2020 with apologies from several who were on their way to, or at Hamburg for the RI Convention.
This year's theme is consistent with my own evolving view of Rotary engagement and my belief that the true power of the organisation of which we are members is in our global connection.  In the past, the Club has been the primary focus for many Rotarians. However, I sense a move towards a broader view for future Rotarians. Becoming involved beyond the Club at the District level, via Rotary Action Groups or in cooperation with other members from other clubs locally and internationally provides a broader array of options and the opportunity to engage in projects that resonate with personal priorities and concerns. Information technology and social media have been significant catalysts in connecting Rotarians beyond the Club. But so also has been the continuous growth of Rotary Action and Interest Groups and organisations such as World of Difference.
I am personally looking forward to the celebratory and future-oriented aspects of the coming month; kicking off with the Board changeover meeting and dinner next Monday night. This will be followed by our Club Changeover on 20 June and District Changeover on Sunday 30 June. 
Please ensure you pay for Club Changeover soon and sign up for next week's Club meeting. Anyone with school-age children or grandchildren will be especially interested in what the guest speaker next Tuesday has to say.  Bring your adult children along as guests.
Ian Bentley
The Woman Behind the Badge
I would like to tell you about myself and give you an overview of my home country of Taiwan.
First, I am going to talk about my father.
After WWII, there was a Civil War between Mao and CKS in China, Mao represented People’s Republic of China (Communist) while CKS represented Republic of China. 
In 1949, Mao defeated CKS, therefore CKS (Republic of China) retreated to Taiwan.
In 1971, China officially joined the UN, which caused Taiwan to lose its international position.
My father was a senior police officer in his hometown, Beijing. Later on he joined CKS army in the Civil War and moved from Beijing to Taiwan with CKS in 1949, where he met and married my mother. After moving to Taiwan, he was still working as a General in the army for CKS.
I grew up in Taiwan with one sister and two brothers. I was sports crazy and commenced basketball at the age of 10. 
When I was 13, I started playing junior professional basketball. This lasted for 10 years while I also continued my education.
A normal day was to rise at 5:30 am to prepare for basketball training at 6 am for the next 2 hours, and then we were driven to school. School finished at 16:00, and then we had to complete another 2 hours training. 
This time was a very valuable experience in my life. At 23, my sports life was finished, and I prepared to start my career. 
My dream was to travel the world, that’s why I was working in international trade. 
I worked in the import and export industry for 10 years, and then I took the chance and started my own trading company in 1996. During my working life, I travelled to Europe, US, HK and China about 8 times annually for business, and it helped me to broaden my understanding of the world. This was successful and I opened a branch in the UK in 2001. 
In 2008 I was exhibiting at a computer trade fair in Taiwan, and met my husband Brian there. We had a fairy-tale romance with alternate regular trips every 6 weeks to Australia and Taiwan before marrying in 2010. 
My husband Brian D’Arcy has a long business history, having over 35 years experience in importing and distribution of photographic goods, and the sole agency for iconic world brands such as Leica, Samsung, Manfrotto and Hoya.
I have twin sons and one elder daughter,  My daughter is 27: she was working for private equity in Beijing for the last few years, and is now taking her master’s degree in International Relations at Melbourne University.
My twin sons are 24: one is now working in Taipei for a Telecom company after completed his undergraduate degree in Monash, and the other is now is completing his master’s degree in Construction Engineering at Melbourne University and has a cadetship in the Cross Yarra Partnership. They are both currently working on the Melbourne Metro Rail Project.
I also have a cute eleven-year-old dog called Hansen, a Bichon. We bought him when we were in Taiwan, and brought him with us to Australia.
Besides my work, I found time to join the Kiwanis (a similar organization to Rotary) and Rotary in Taiwan. I’ve been involved in community based organizations for 18 years.
During my time with Kiwanis and Rotary, we did various projects, one of which was building a library for disadvantaged indigenous children in Taiwan. 
We also operated a mobile blood collection services in specially fitted out blood collection buses. I found Australia and Taiwan have different ways of blood collection.
Other projects were a free movie marathon for children during the annually school holidays, and a talent quest for disabled people.
I would like to share a brief introduction and video about Taiwan’s history. Taiwan has excellent computer technology: you may know computer brands like ACER and ASUS.  The bicycle brand Giant is from Taiwan too.

Salvo Hawks

The Salvo Hawks are part of Reclink, an organisation in it's 26th year, which uses sport and art programs to reach people from a range of disadvantaged backgrounds nationally.

Since its inception in 1990, it has been a saving grace for thousands of people. 

Reclink's chief executive John Ballis said sport was the "soft door" to engage people experiencing disadvantage to come together. 


The Good News: we have some pics from today’s (Wednesday) Salvo Hawks v Collingwood footy match. 
The electronic scoreboard was non-functional (bring back Mick) so we had the score “board” (pictured) of Noel and Geoff, notebook in hand.

The Other News: Collingwood won by “quite a lot”!
End Trachoma Newsletter
We have been working hard over the past 6 months developing and delivering projects to communities. It has been a great team effort and we thank everyone who is helping us make the end of trachoma a reality in Australia. 
Our New Community Laundry: 
After a year developing this facility with local community development organisation AAACorp, and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation - Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, we opened the Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa) Community Laundry in February 2019.
Improving access to water:
Water for basic hygiene and sanitation is often not available to remote Aboriginal Australians for events like Sorry Business and sporting matches. We're hoping to change this with Portable Water Tanks.
What is a Passport Club?
Rotary Passport Club members are local people who want to make a difference in their community in a way that fits within their time, talent and finances, as well as with their family, work and life commitments.
Rotary Passport Club only hold a few "in-person" meetings each year. Instead of weekly meetings, members are encouraged to engage in humanitarian service - however that works best for them. The founding principle of ta Passport Club is to make Rotary fit your life. There may be one online meeting once a month. All members are encouraged to join in.
Rotary Passport Club members are full Rotary members, with the same privileges and rights as Rotarians in traditional clubs.
Membership in a club provides you with a passport to visit and work with any other Rotary Club in the world and to take part in activities, programs and projects that interest and engage you.
Club are designed for former Rotary members, youth, alumni and others who find a traditional club doesn't fit their life. 
Ths Shadow Knows!
The Shadow notes that shrewd Rotarians, Scotsmen, and downright cheapskates are registering early for THE ROTARY INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION, HONOLULU, HAWAII, 6-10 JUNE 2020 at
Why? Because there’s a trick to it: if you register 1st - 5th June 2019, you get a big discount: US$395 (as opposed to the full rate of US$650)
Come and join us in Hawaii, where David Pisterman will be sussing out the best hotels.
Can’t you see yourself at the Moana Surfrider Hotel and Spa on Waikiki Beach?
Visit these sites for more information: Rotary International Convention
Honolulu Host Organization
Did a Rotarian Spy change the course of the Second World War?
The Shadow’s old pal Tony Thomas has been reading Owen Matthew’s new biography of Rotary Club stalwart Richard Sorge, the German communist spy in Tokyo. Sorge tipped off Stalin on Setember 14, 1941, that Japan would not invade from Manchuria. Stalin could then swing forces from Siberia to the west — 15 infantry divisions, three cavalry divisions, 1500 tanks and 1700 aircraft to push the Germans back from Moscow. 
Tony noted some other famous Rotarians: flight pioneers Orville Wright (Rotary Club of Dayton Ohio ) and Charles Lindberg, and the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, (RC Wapakoneta, Ohio). Next time you buy a Hallmark card for your mother-in-law, be aware that Hallmark founder Joyce C. Hall was with RC Kansas City.  Such brand names as Pirelli, Firestone, Matsushita, Colonel Sanders’ KFC, Louis Vuitton and Cointreau all harken to Rotarian founders. Roald Amundsen (South Pole) and Edmund Hillary (Everest) explored Oslo and Auckland Rotary Clubs respectively.
Sergeant-at-Arms Simon O’Donoghue was efficient at separating members from their gold coins, fining Peter Lugg, Judy Rosback, Joy Gillies and Cheryl Pisterman for their birthdays,  Phil Stewart for a wedding anniversary, and Denbigh Richards and Kim D’Arcy for a 1 year Rotary Anniversary. We’d hate to see Simon get really hungry!
Denbigh Richards and Lawrence Reddaway (right) wonder where the Sergeant will strike next.
Ed Brown of Yarra Bend RC writes:  
Hi, I am Ed Brown from Yarra Bend Rotary.  We have recently restored a playground for Parks Victoria (Dickinson park playground) an older wooden type  that just needed a lot of TLC.  
Parks Victoria liked the work that we did and have asked us would we look at doing more of the same.The work includes another playground two rotundas park benches and the list goes on and on. 
The site is off Yarra Bend Rd just after crossing the eastern freeway travelling south from Heidlberg Rd: a lawn garden area full of lots of people on a sunny day (Highly visible)
Yarra Bend Rotary cannot do the work alone and are asking the other Rotarians of the cluster would they like to take part. If you are interested please contact me on 9822-2668 or

Jest for a Laugh

Upcoming Speakers

Cheryl Lacey
Jun 04, 2019
Conscious Incompetence: The Epidemic Gripping Australian Schools
Cheryl Lacey is an educationist, speaker and author. She has published several books, writes a weekly newsletter and has another book on the way.Conscious Incompetence: The Epidemic Gripping Australian Schools
She has worked extensively throughout Australia and internationally with leaders in education. The landscape of Australian education, while constantly changing, continues to increase in complexity, resulting in scope creep and scope seep in schools, workplaces, the home and the community more broadly. Rotary is an organisation that sees and acts on many needs in our schools - however, while these acts of service are of good intent, are our efforts hitting the mark?
Cheryl's professional diversity includes teaching & consulting spanning the early childhood to tertiary sector, business owner, and radio and print media. She's a lively, well respected and thought-provoking contrarian'.
Chair:  President Ian Bentley
Jun 11, 2019
The Power Of Rotary:  Katie Wilford is an Iowa native in the land Down Under studying at the University of Melbourne for her Master of Education. When she is not writing assessments or doing research, you can find her cooking snags at Rotary barbies, volunteering at DIK and Missionaries of Charity, providing free mathematics tutoring at Epping Secondary, exploring Melbourne, and travelling throughout Australia (she has two states to go!). Australia has been Katie’s home for the past nine months and when asked about going “home” (back to Iowa) she often says, “I’m not done with Melbourne yet!”

As a Rotary Global Scholar, she is an investment to Rotary with the drive to fulfil three big dreams: to teach, to feed, and to help.

Rotary Hawthorn Changeover
Jun 20, 2019
Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club

Forthcoming Events

 “The impact of daylighting and views on building occupants’ sense of wellbeing”
You are invited to participate in the above research project, which is being conducted by Prof Gavin Lambert (Principal Co-ordinating Supervisor) and Mr Allen Lo (PhD Candidate) of the Faculty of Health, Arts and Design at the Swinburne University of Technology.
What is this project about and why it is being undertaken?
The aim of the study is to investigate the relationship between daylight intensity and the sense of wellbeing of building occupants, and also the relationship between daylight with a green view and the sense of wellbeing.
Specifically, we are interested in determining whether exposing building occupants to daylight with a green view increases their sense of wellbeing to a much greater degree than just daylight only exposure. The information gathered from this experiment will contribute to a more human centric lighting design where the effects of daylight and access to views on people would be taken into consideration.
Project and researcher interests
This is a wholly Swinburne Higher Degree project and no third party supported in cash or cash in kind is provided. This research will form the basis of Allen’s entire PhD program assessment.
What will I be asked to do and will I be compensated?
To be considered, you must have a normal sleep cycle before and during the course of the study and need to have lived inside the Australian Eastern Standard Time Zone for at least two months prior to the study. You should have no medical (cardiac, visual or hearing problems), psychiatric or sleep disorders, cognitive impairments, and you are not a shift worker.
If you would like to volunteer, or wish more information, contact Allen Lo at
Make-ups and Apologies

Kim D'Arcy always seeks to finalize numbers by Monday 8.30am by collating  responses about attendance at the next meeting.   So please try to email back to her by that time; and, at the same time, forewarn of any guests.   (Predicting our numbers as closely as possible helps to minimize our catering costs.)

Invitations to Tuesday Club meetings now look slightly different.  To indicate your attendance or apologies, you will not be required to write an email to Kim.  You will simply need to click on the link attached to your name and follow a couple of simple steps. You can pay for your meal on the site.

Geoff Wright collates the attendance information.  He needs to know of  "make up " events.

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