President's Note

As members and friends of Rotary Hawthorn, you should be especially proud of what we have achieved thus far in the year of Rotary, Making a Difference.
Last Sunday we held our annual Boroondara Community Christmas Lunch, whereby the members and friends of the Rotary Hawthorn organised Christmas lunch and entertainment for 250 people in our community.    The lunch was made possible by the collective effort & talents of a great number of people from a wide variety of groups in the community including members of RC of Hawthorn, RC of Glenferrie & RC of Balwyn as well Boroondara Cares & Vietnamese association, but it would not be possible without the extraordinary dedication & organisational skills of Noel Halford, Di Gillies, Susie White and head chef Rosaleen Falkiner.
However, events such as this would not be possible without the fundraising efforts of members through the year.
A big thanks to the 30 or so members and friends that participated in raising funds for club projects by parking cars for the Paris to Provence festival.  A special thanks goes to Ngaire Cannon for the roster co-ordination.
Recently members have  been busy selling Christmas products. All the net income from these sales goes to fund our projects. A special thanks to Phil Stewart and Richard Logan for co-ordinating this effort.
There has been the continued volunteer work at Donations in Kind, Kew Opportunity Shop and attendance at various community forums including a working bee at Romana house, planting shrubs with Rotary Club of Kew at Hays Paddock, Kew East, collecting product and funds for Maddie’s warm sock project and raising money for Rotary Health and “lift the lid” campaign funding research into mental illness.
We have also supported a student to attend Rotary RYLA camp and 4 year 10 students to attend Science Experience at Swinburne.
Then there was  the inaugural Golf Day raising money for Chances Scholarships. This was the joint effort of Rotary clubs in Boroondara  lead by Rotary Hawthorn’s Noel Halford.  
Rotary Hawthorn's new concept, the  3rd Thursday evening of the month meeting (at Auburn Hotel) has progressed.  It seeks to accommodate  those that would like to contribute to the community & Rotary but find lunch meetings difficult.   The special meeting (of the Thursday group) at Auburn Bowls club in November saw about 50 members and friends attend.  It focused on raising money for our Filipino project. .  (A special thanks to member Mark Christoffelsz from MCA Insurance brokers for covering the cost of the food which increased the amount raised for the project.  Recall this project is the building of a toilet block in Sinangpad Elementary School on far north of the Philippines. The regular progress reports are very positive.  Promoters Ian Macfarlane & Foundation Chair David Rush can be pleased. 
Then there are the recent social  events.  The joint Christmas party with Glenferrie Rotary was a night to remember!   Thanks to Richard Blakeman  Glenferrie President for the idea and particulalrly  to Lynette Spencer from Glenferrie for the organisation of the night.  Over 90 Rotarians, partners and friends attended the evening and enjoyed the talents of piano virtuoso Alan Kogosowski and singer, actor, playwright Galit Klas.
The casual BBQ at Auburn bowls, was attended by nearly 40 members and family.  Rain intervened but  everyone seemed to have a good time, just socialising.  Thanks to David Pisterman for looking after the BBQ and cooking the meat to perfection!
Wow, my short weekly note sounds a bit like a mid year report.   Christmas made me think of all the things which  Rotary is about and what our club has done.  Thank you to all the members, partners and friends of the Club for all your support this year and to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and fulfilling New Year.
Pre Christmas Fun... Bowls & Hams
First there was the fun bowling evening at Auburn.   Melbourne's supposed catastrophic weather event came.  Certainly the rain came to wash out the bowls but that was hardly a catastrophe as 40 or so members partied on.
It was a nice easy and relaxed evening with distinguished and obviously practiced elbows on the bar at Auburn Bowling club.
Then early the next morning the Ham deliveries were handled.  Evidence of  disciplined party goings-on the night before might be tested by observing attendance in both sets of photos.

I’ve added the photos at

Christmas Lunch for special Boroondara Residents
Sunday 17th December at Camberwell High saw all members on deck helping to provide a great lunch time for some socially isolated residents of our Boroondara area.   This event is one the clubs regular annual highlights.
 Members and friends/partners  helped in many ways.  There were food preparers and acquirers, cooks, drivers waiters cleaners administrators , and Santa too. 
Noel Halford was again the prime manager /coordinator for the event  performing tirelessly  in the weeks leading up to the day.  Doesn't look like he has acquired too many more grey hairs albeit coping with us all would  be a ready excuse.   Thanks Noel--a great job.
Not to be denied photographer Gordon Cheyne was present and operative.    He offers this collection.
Christmas Party Highlights

Tuesday evening the 12th December at Kooyong Tennis was the joint Christmas party for Hawthorn and Glenferrie Rotary clubs.  It was a fine time.   It was jointly hosted by two reps Katrina Flinn and Robert Blakeman and energetically MC’ed by Glenferrie’s Jeremy Robinson.

  In addition to the wonderfully relaxed environment and interaction of members and partners from the two clubs those attending were treated to an hour or so of extremely proficient displays of musical skill by two entertainers.   Concert pianist Alan Kogosowski and mezzo-soprano  Galit Klas joined forces in a cabaret style performance.  Galit took us through a collection of iconic Judy Garland , Liza Minelli and Edith Piaf numbers with  Alan  complementing on the piano.   Let loose for some solo piano play Alan showed all his world renowned skill in keeping the audience enthralled in a Gershwin medley.  

They closed their program by getting the audience now fully disarmed involved later with first some Rodgers & Hammerstein and finally Christmas songs. 

Our photographer  was active all through the evening and provides this link to a series of shots which capture the happy occasion.  See



Events over Holiday Period
Here is a summary of the events/meetings over the holiday period. 
Tues 9th to Fri 12th January     Car Parking at Kooyong Tennis Classic (parkers needed!) 
The link to the roster is attached
18th January  First Thursday evening meeting for 2018 (Auburn Hotel)  (details to follow at a later date)  
23rd January     First Tuesday get-together for new year BBQ at local Men’s Shed  –jointly with Rotary Club of Glenferrie at Hawthorn Men’s Shed from 6pm -refer separate invitation
30th January                under discussion
6th February –first meeting back at Kooyong
And lastly have you got a current Working with Children’s card ?
If you need assistance with starting the application form please contact Ian Bentley or Charlotte England
Car Parking Jan 9 -12 Tues to Friday
       We Need You!!
The Kooyong Classic is on again from Tuesday 9th January until Friday 12th January and we need members (& friends, family) to assist by volunteering for a shift parking cars.
Why do we park cars? Parking cars for the Kooyong Classic is one of our very important fundraising events. The funds raised are used to fund our various programs including programs supporting our local community (such as the Christmas lunch for the socially isolated) as well as international projects, including Donations in Kind & scholarships for students in Timor Leste to name just a couple.
If at all possible, if you could assist us, by putting your name down to volunteer for a shift or two.  
The following is a link to the roster (copy the link into your Internet browser). You can put your name directly into the spreadsheet for your preferred day & time or if you prefer mail us with the shift that you would prefer.
A big thank to the 4 members that have agreed to be Day Captain (one for each day) & to the member that have already out their name down for a shift.
We also need a member to take on the important responsibility for the completion of the roster.  If you can assist please let Katrina or Noel know.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or phone either myself or Noel Halford (0419 018 901)
Feel free to invite family & friends.   Please support this important fundraising event!
Katrina Flinn
President Email:  Ph: 0417 475 415
The Shadow
A ham at the hams!   The Shadow is most oldfashioned no doubt and can recall many comedic puns of the past and smile at them.    Gordon Cheynes report of the delivery of our Xmas hams and other offerings last week at Kooyong car park  might be seen in that light.   He quoted :-

Well done everybody, working with the Hams this morning.  I’ve added the photos at


Q:  If it takes a man an hour to eat a ham, how long would it take him to eat a hammer?

A:  It depends on whether he is an amateur or a hammerchewer.


The Shadow thinks at best he may have a career in writing  Xmas crackers riddles?

Radio Exposure for Member

Rotary Hawthorn member and Past President, Geoff Dumayne, and his granddaughter.Maddie were recent guests on ‘Rotary In Action’ radio program

Dynamo Maddie spoke of the ‘Warm Socks’ project that she has embraced as have many Hawthorn  Rotarians.

Pa Geoff was also a vital contributor and spoke of his Rotary Hawthorne and his involvement.

Make-ups and Apologies

Lawrence Reddaway always seeks to finalize numbers by Sunday 10pm by collating  responses to attendance at the next meeting.   So please try the electronic response (or phone) or even carrier pidgeon!    Forewarn of any guests at the same time.   This minimizes catering costs. 

Geoff Wright collates the attendance information.  He needs to know of  "make up " events.

Club Roster 

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