Posted by Hans Carlborg
I am pleased to share the following status of the Rotary-Swinburne mentoring program.
    - To date three formal and one end of semester mentoring sessions have successfully been conducted for 15 mature foreign students, many of them having tertiary qualifications form overseas. They are attending Swinburne courses to improve their English with aim to be accepted for other tertiary studies, gain professional employment and/or start a business in Australia.
    - The students come from a variety of countries and circumstances and have quite different outlook, ambitions and vocational perspectives.
    - 5 Rotarians ( Anne Scott, Di Gilles, Ian Bentley, Michael Hills, myself ) + two community representatives ( Andreas Sederof - Architect/Engineer/small businessman and Colin Hackett - Industrial Chemist/Businessman) have been the mentors.
    - The last session took place this Tuesday with a celebration where the students where responsible for the organisation; including the catering which was superbly representing many different culinary favorites and much enjoyed by everyone. 
    - The feedback at present is encouraging from the students, mentors and the Swinburne teachers. All seeing value in the mentoring continuing.
    - The students and teachers now have a two week break and the plan is then to have a series of discussions to explore and recommend how we in  collaboration can transform the pilot into a longer term and perhaps an extension in scope and number of students and Rotarians. 
    - Considering the unique profile of  Rotarians and their basic belief in the value of youth support its my conviction there is a natural value proposition which can and ought to be realised through an initial commitment by a few Rotary clubs.