It's that time again, wives of footy fans!

It's time for your husbands to break out their football jerseys and for you to constantly ask them millions of important questions while the game is on.


To help you prepare, The Jesters are  here with a handy list of questions to ask your husband during a football game.


  • Which one is Brayden Maynard?: It's important to keep your eye on the real play-makers.
  • How many home runs do they need to get a double bogey?: He'll be impressed that you know these terms.
  • Honey, can you help me renovate the kitchen real quick?: You've waited long enough.
  • Which team are we barracking for?: Remember, he doesn't choose based on colours.
  • Would you still love me if I were a roly-poly?: Be sure to watch his face closely for any hint of hesitation.
  • Why does that skinny guy keep throwing the ball to the other team?: Is that bad? Should he be doing
  • Which team are we barracking for again?: Try to remember this time.
  • Why is that old  man waving those flags?: That seems like it's not ok.
  • One last time, which one is our team?: It's probably the one that's losing.
  • Why does the football oval need to be a specific size as long as it measures 135–185 metres long and 110–155 metres wide?  Why is it marked with a boundary line indicating the area of play, a curved fifty-metre line, a centre square, a goal square and centre circles?  He'll never expect these.

You're all set. Now you can have some meaningful conversation with your husband right smack in the middle of the game he's been waiting all year long to watch. 

Don't worry, he'll be thrilled!