The Cambodia Clean Water and Toilet Project is a 'grassroots' organisation founded by Darrel Steer in response to the needs seen in a rural village near Siem Reap in early 2015.  With support from village leaders, Darrel took action to raise the standard of health and hygiene for these village families by installing water bores with pumps and sanitary toilets. 
The project provides the means for very poor villagers to improve their health, save the money that would be spent on medicines, re-focus on their children's schooling and give them hope for their future. 
The installation costs are $350 for a clean water bore with casing to protect the actual bore pipe, plus a cast iron pump and concrete base. For the installation of a septic tank toilet and building, it costs $610.
The project team normally insists on the family making some contribution, usually by helping with the drilling or digging and providing the sand and sometimes the cement. 
Their contribution helps maintain the family's dignity and provides a sense of ownership.  Ownership is a critical factor for ongoing hygiene and maintenance.
 During his recent visit to Melbourne Darryl said that he has been delighted by the opportunity to network with Rotarians and the co-operation he received from World of Difference Tours and Donations-in-Kind.
Rotary Hawthorn plans to support Darryl and his work by including a project with him in the upcoming tour of Cambodia in early 2021.