Posted by Noel Halford
Hawthorn Rotarians have for some time supported indigenous health programs in the Kimberley in association with the not-for-profit Boab Health Services based in Broome.
 In 2018 our members arranged for foot care packs and urgently needed podiatry equipment to be used at the front line in the remote communities in north western Australia.
From this we learnt of a chronic situation developing with regard to diabetes related conditions.
Following a successful club zoom meeting which saw the participation of the Federal Minister for Rural Health Mark Coulton and Robyn Powell of BOAB, we were able to highlight the need for a study to identify the true extent of the problem related to education and treatment of diabetes in the region.
Diabetes is identified as the second highest leading cause of death for Aboriginal and Torres strait Islanders living in W.A. 
Our commitment was to introduce measures designed to monitor those vulnerable and reduxe the incidence of diabetes in these remote and isolated communities.
Targeting those with diabetes through education will reduce the risk factors which in turn will consequently reduce the risk of developing or accelerating pre-existing conditions e.g. kidney, heart and cardiovascular diseases.
Hawthorn Rotary supported BOAB Health Services in implementing a targeted pilot prevention program of 100 cases which would see the affected population being trained in understanding self- managing of their condition wherever practical.
In working with BOAB Health Services, we would ensure such programs are equitable, culturally sensitive and wherever practicable, close to their immediate community locations.
A critical component to the success of this project is the introduction of Glucose monitoring: 
Through the efforts of President Tilak we were able to secure glucose monitoring patches for 200 patients thanks to a generous donation from Abbots Pharmaceuticals. 
Without their support this life changing program would not have proceeded. 
Our membership of Rotary has been able to bring people and resources together to achieve benefits for those in remote communities. 
Picture captions -  Health workers at the Boab Health Centre, and Glucose monitoring kits about to be despatched to the Kimberley.
The best summary is from Robyn Powell of Boab Health Services who expressed her gratitude in the following:
Hi Noel, Tilak and others who were involved.
I would like to confirm that we have received the 200 sensors and would like to extend our gratitude to all who were involved in the long process to  advocate to make this wish come true for the Kimberley.
We are still in shock and have made some progress to work with the Abbott rep in Darwin to provide us with the meters, but still trying to work through the best way to utilize all the sensors with the short shelf life they have.
I would like the send a big thank you to you all for your dedication to support the Kimberley people and we are keen to record and share with you all the effects this will have on the health outcomes for those that now have access to CGMS.
The time that you all took out of your busy lives to get this over the line is astonishing!
Kind regards
Robyn Powell
Executive Manager - Allied Health