Derarca O'Mahony 0f Friends of Baguia visited Timor in September, and reported on the Baguia Scholarship Program.

She talked with Leopoldina regarding the students that our funds have supported in 2019. They are all going well in their studies.

Americio will finish his mechanical course in December and we will then choose another technical applicant to replace him in 2020.

Martino Pinto has moved to a school at Hera, on the outskirts of Dili.

Laurenco Alves is now 17 and in Class 10. He says he would like to go onto university to study to be a doctor.  

Patricio Guterres is also in Class 10 and is now 18years old. He says his favourite subject at School is maths. 

Photos of Laurenco and Patricio, the two students who are studying in Baguia.