ZOOM Meeting For All,  Author of Chances
Oct 26, 2021
Andrew Rule
ZOOM Meeting For All, Author of Chances

'If you want to bet on numbers, go to a casino. If you want theatre, go to the races.' - Les Carlyon

'All his life, Andrew Rule has watched racing's heroes and villains, dreamers and schemers.

In Chance, he distils the daring, the desperation and danger of the track, peeling back some of racing's most famous and infamous moments, its celebrations and its secrets, the grittiness behind the glitz.

There are stories of those who set the odds and those who take them, betting plunges planned more carefully than bank robberies, of tricky trainers, reckless jockeys and bold bookmakers.

Tough and sometimes tender, dark and sometimes funny, Chance transcends the industry they call the sport of kings.



Multi-award-winning journalist Andrew Rule has covered some of the most notorious Australian stories of recent decades.

Rule has written, edited or published more than 30 true crime books - including the best-selling Underbelly series with John 'Sly' Silvester. He wrote the definitive biography of businessman Kerry Stokes, published in 2015, and the award-winning biography of the world champion racehorse Winx in 2018.

He is now an associate editor of Australia's biggest daily, the Herald Sun, for which he writes features and columns'.


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