Infectious Optimism - Your Superpower
Oct 06, 2020
Via Zoom Victor Perton (Hat Day)
Infectious Optimism - Your Superpower

Victor is a Director of The Centre for Optimism

He believes that 'Optimism is the underpinning of resilience and we need to foster it throughout the community'.

He wrote 'The Case for Optimism: The Optimists’ Voices' to give voice to the yearning for a positive approach to leadership and life. 

Victor's follow up book "Optimism: The How and Why" answered requests for more of 'The How' of optimism.

His life experience includes stints as Commissioner to the Americas, 18 years a parliamentarian, practice as a barrister, mediator, arbitrator, businessman and board service.

**Please Note:  You are asked to wear a hat...funny, serious, modern, classic.  
It's your choice.
There will be prizes for the two best hats!**
Donations appreciated (Australian Rotary Health), but not compulsory
Our speaker, Victor, has asked for us to:
**Ask someone we love and admire "What makes you Optimistic?  
See examples -
Members might like to look at the Nelson Mandela Youth Leadership Summit - one of our projects.