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Oct 29, 2019
Father Joe Giacobbe
Melbourne Cup Theme

Fr Joe Giacobbe has been a Catholic Priest for 45 years and currently works in the Western Suburbs – St Augustine’s parish, Yarraville. 

Joe began his pastoral work in the inner suburbs in the high rise housing estates in Flemington, North Melbourne and Fitzroy.

In 1972 with the help of many friends in the Racing Industry the Doxa Youth Foundation was launched for the purpose of establishing a residential complex at Malmsbury to provide educational and recreational programs for these  children.

Over 200,000 children have attended the Malmsbury Complex. Doxa has initiated other activities, namely, providing residential City programs for children from poor rural areas in Victoria, a University program launched in 1993,  whereby Doxa has sponsored in partnership with major corporates 500 graduates and a philanthropic partnership at the Doxa School, Bendigo for children who struggle in the mainstream school system.

Over 8,000 children participate in Doxa program each year. As a fund raising project Joe established the Winning Post form guide in 1988 which was sold by the Foundation in 2007 when circulation reached 35,000 per week.

Chair: David Rush