Prevention: Anxiety, Depression, Other Mental Health Conditions
Jun 25, 2019
Dr Stephen Carbone, Chair, Prevention United
Prevention: Anxiety, Depression, Other Mental Health Conditions
Preventing depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions.
Dr Stephen Carbone has a passion for promoting people’s mental wellbeing.
He holds qualifications in medicine, psychology and social work and has firsthand experience in supporting people with mental health conditions in both his professional and his personal life. He was an active contributor in several key mental health reforms in Victoria and nationally and has held senior positions in organisations such as Vic Health, Headspace and Beyond Blue.
Mental health conditions are not inevitable and there is now good scientific evidence to show many conditions can be prevented. The problem is we are just not using this knowledge effectively. This talk focuses on the prevention of mental health conditions. It discusses what prevention is, why it’s important, how we can prevent depression, anxiety and other conditions from occurring, and what our organisation and others are doing about it. 
Chair:   Dr Kevin Rose