The NBN In Our Area
Jun 02, 2020
Via Zoom Wally Ballout
The NBN In Our Area

Back By Popular Demand!  The NBN will be installed in our area around this may have further questions for Wally.

Wally is  part of the nbn local Community Affairs team in Melbourne.


He writes:   'My role is to meet with local community and residential groups to help educate them about nbn and what it means for them. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure the community has all the necessary information during the rollout of the nbn network and have the ability and a forum to ask any questions and troubleshoot any problems you might have.


The presentation will be followed by a Q&A that covers some critical areas such as: • What is nbn • What it means for the members and how to connect • How the nbn affects your existing landline phone and medical alarms • Power outages • Scams to be wary of.


*Just to clarify, this service is purely for the benefit for the members. We are not here to sell anything as the nbn is the wholesaler (not a phone or internet provider). ' *


Chair: Andrew Crockett