May 02, 2023
Peter Nixon
Hawthorn Optometrist and Rotary International Volunteer

Peter is the owner and principal optometrist of Pezzimenti Nixon Optometrists.  Prior to joining Pezzimenti Nixon Optometrists in 2013, he was the Lead Optometrist of Children’s Services at the Australian College of Optometry. Peter has a strong interest in children’s vision, development and welfare.

He has managed projects working with disadvantaged primary school children as well as students from a specialised deaf school. He also has extensive experience in contact lens fitting, in particular, for keratoconus, corneal grafts and aphakic children.

Peter volunteers as an optometrist in Nepal with Rotary International every year, working in remote villages under the shadow of the Himalayan Mountains. He finds working with people of all ages to be a fun and enjoyable experience, with enormous satisfaction achieved when vision improvement is found. He strives for excellence and a holistic approach to optometry practice.

M.C.:  Pam Crockett

Photo: Courtesy of Pezzimenti Nixon Optometrists